CIIT Staff Celebrating Buwan ng Wika

Proudly Filipino: CIIT Staff Celebrates “Buwan ng Wika” the CIIT Way

August is the month to celebrate our beloved Filipino Language. As an academe in the field of Arts and Technology, we celebrated Buwan ng Wika the CIIT way—an artistic and festive theme of Pistang Pilipino. What a better way to celebrate the special occasion than by reliving the Filipino culture and cherish our well-loved traditions.

Celebrating National Language Month is a common tradition in schools. At CIIT, apart from the Buwan ng Wika celebration of the students is a commemoration exclusively participated by CIIT employees and faculty. The event dubbed as “Pistang Pinoy”  took place last August 17, 2018 at the Interweave Building in Kamuning, Quezon City. True to its theme, the program exhibited the Filipino fiesta in its very sense.

Most of the CIIT staff proudly wore Baro’t Saya, Malong, Filipiniana, and the costumes that proudly represent the livelihood and product of the Filipino people, fishing and abaca. To make it truly Filipino, we presented some of the most favorite Pinoy delicacies like Puto, Taho, and Palabok. We also had Pabitin and Hampas Palayok for games!

To catch a glimpse of the festive CIIT Buwan ng Wika celebration, we provided some of the event highlights:

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