Fine Arts College in the Philippines

Fine Arts College in the Philippines: Catalyst for Social Change

An artwork is more than just a drawing, painting, or piece of ornament. It may be “voiceless” but it can support a campaign and change the world for the better.

Through the years, we have seen how people use artistic pieces to convey an important message, back up a cause, and influence people. Below are examples of those artistic tools that helped promote social change:



Artists do colorful wall paintings not just to beautify them or entertain people. Look closely and you’ll grasp the message. Mural paintings are often launched in schools and are sometimes sponsored by certain corporate businesses.


These beautiful art exhibits do not solely belong to hip hop culture and gangsters. Writings on surfaces of several public places have long been part of human history. Since ancient times, people have been using spray paints and marker pens not to deface something but to express their views and thoughts.


These roughly made models or sculptures of hated personalities may be a negative expression of art but they help fuel social change, too.

Meaningful logos

There may be different forms of graphical images for global warming, climate change, water conservation, animal rescue and protection, and many other awareness programs and worldwide crusades and causes. But all these depict a common message—to change and support various advocacies and give help.

All these artworks have something in common—they have graphics that can touch people’s hearts and influence them to do something. You, too, can show your concern to the society.

Enroll in a fine arts college in the Philippines and enhance your creative skills!

Start Your Own Campaign

CIIT College of Arts and Technology will help you enhance your artistry. Take a BA in Fine Arts and you’ll learn more than making murals, graffiti, effigy, and logos.

The school offers two modern fields of specialization: Digital Painting and Sculpture and Visual Arts and Design. Yes, fine arts have also gone modern to keep with the time.

These courses offer multimedia techniques to develop your craft in making arts for social change. Launch your own cause through good branding and design, drawing, ads, video, and photography.

CIIT is a leading fine arts college in the Philippines. Inquire now and become an artist in your own right.

For more info about this course, visit its web site at www.ciit-ph.com or e-mail your questions to info@ciit-ph.com.

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