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Digital Arts School: Equipping You to Build Milestone

Besides having an industry-relevant program and modern facilities, an ideal digital arts school must employ unique teaching and training styles to ensure the success of its graduates. It has to equip its students with the right tools and give them opportunities to apply their skills and prepare them for the demands of the real world. At CIIT Philippines, students have the chance to build their careers while finishing their degrees. As early as their first year in school, they can already develop their own portfolios and collect samples of their works. They can use and show these to their employers when they start looking for jobs. Now, why is it important to keep samples of one’s works? What advantages does a portfolio give to students like you?

Why Need a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a record of your academic success and professional development. It mirrors your experience, skills, competencies, and fields of specialization. If you think a portfolio is just a waste of time; then, here are five reasons why it is necessary among digital artists and professionals.

  1. It helps define your strengths. A portfolio highlights your best work, values, and achievement. It depicts who you are and how you work.
  2. It allows you to discover your strong points and build confidence. In doing your own works, you can be more personal and creative. This method will expand and display your own skills, knowledge, and choices.
  3. It can help you get a scholarship. Finishing an art degree could be costly. But if you have a portfolio that consists a collection of your works, then this might sway colleges to support your studies.
  4. It serves as your best tool to market yourself. Having a portfolio will set you apart from others. You can show your target employers your capabilities and expertise.

These reasons explain why CIIT College of Arts And Technology included “portfolio development” in its curriculum. By requiring students to collect and develop sample works, the digital arts school is helping them enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills and make them skilled workers. This does not only boost their innate and technical talents. It fuels up their passion, too, and makes them competent artists for the new age.

Whatever degree program you choose, CIIT Philippines will sure train you and perfect your flairs. To know more about CIIT or see its students’ portfolio and sample works, you may visit its web site at www.ciit-ph.com.

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