CIIT’s Eventful Journey: Unveiling the Magic Behind School Events

School events are some of the most exciting things to happen during the school year, from sports fests to art fairs–having many fun happenings to add to your school life is never a bad thing. CIIT understands the impact of extracurricular activity on students.

At CIIT Philippines, we take pride in providing our CIITzens with a holistic learning journey with these events. Aside from internship programs with leading companies in the Philippines, students get a preview of the real world and social activities with student organizations and clubs to spice up their student life. 

Because we recognize the impact of extracurricular activity on students, we host several events on-campus throughout the school year to help students destress, recalibrate, and enjoy their time as learners. Let’s take a look at some of them.

A look at CIIT events

Annual and special events hold a special place within the vibrant halls of the entire CIIT community, acting as unifying threads that bring together students, faculty, and staff in the spirit of shared experiences and mutual growth. 

These much-anticipated gatherings serve as markers of tradition and togetherness and also provide invaluable platforms for fostering camaraderie and intellectual exchange. Here are some of the events CIITzens can expect in-campus, each carefully curated to infuse the campus with an atmosphere of enrichment, innovation, and self-expression.

Enter Level One

Embarking on a new school year at a new institution can be a thrilling yet daunting journey for anyone, marked by a mixture of excitement and a little bit of nervousness. But that’s alright! Yearly, we host an orientation program for all new students that extends a warm and reassuring vibe that they will be starting their new school life in a nurturing environment. 

Enter Level One is our college orientation created to promote interactions, connections, and a fun learning environment where students can be themselves.  The event aims to equip students with the tools, knowledge, and connections needed to navigate the corners of their new academic home.

In-house Exhibits 

As a school that takes pride in our curriculum’s ability to prepare our students for the working world, we take time to showcase the hard work and masterpieces of our CIITzens. With these exhibits, we display projects and outputs of our students for others to see and appreciate. These include software apps, artwork, and business concepts among others. We also partner with various brands and organizers so students and guests can participate in in-game exhibits and galleries for these events. 

CIIT Sportsfest

Promoting camaraderie and a sense of belongingness among the employees and students of CIIT is the main goal of our annual Sportsfest. The Sportsfest is a weeklong event where participants can join multiple activities. Imagine a whole week bursting with energy, where every participant becomes a part of a dynamic combination of teamwork and excitement. 

From the thrill of classic sports like the invigorating fun run, basketball showdowns, and lively volleyball matches to the delight of unconventional games like board games and video games, there’s something for everyone to revel in.

Annual pride month programs

Inside the colorful spaces of CIIT Philippines, an authentic celebration of individuality finds its voice during Pride Month. At the forefront of these empowering events, student organizations like Safezone a student organization dedicated to promoting equality and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community

Along with other student organizations, they curate an array of events such as seminars, a Rainbow Market, captivating movie nights, and an action-packed Lip Sync battle. It’s also worth noting that the activities evolve each year, so each year is a completely new experience! 

Speech Fair

Public speaking is an invaluable asset across industries. Because of this, we hold an annual Speech Fair for our CIITzens to showcase their prowess in oratory art. This platform not only refines the art of eloquence but also empowers students to articulate their thoughts with clarity and creativity, as well as send their messages and convictions to more ears. 

Festival of Learning

There’s nothing like learning practical tips and tricks from professionals who know what it’s like to make it in the real world. Because of this, CIIT regularly invites distinguished experts to share their insights during the much-anticipated annual Festival of Learning. 

This event serves as a bridge between academia and industry, offering our CIITzens a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of various fields. Last 2022, our guest speakers shared enlightening discourse on subjects such as the art of scriptwriting and the intricacies of effective project management. These sessions provide a springboard for students to grasp concepts and absorb the practicalities that will drive success in their chosen professions. 

Other seminars and events

Aside from offering the best college courses in the Philippines, we at CIIT Philippines believe in taking our learners’ educational experience beyond the classroom. Every end of the quarter for the school year, SHS students also hold “TGIF: Tara, Gora sa Ignacia this Friday” where student organizations hold different activities for the event. On top of that, we also organize seminars where CIITzens can build their skills and knowledge in multiple disciplines!

Take part in exciting events

Whether you want to practice entrepreneurship in the Philippines or graphic design, we at CIIT Philippines offer students an unforgettable journey where they get to learn in and outside the classroom. Because of the impact of extracurricular activity on students, we host various events throughout the year to enhance everyone’s learner experience. 

Not only that, but we also believe that good quality education should be accessible to everyone. That is why we offer various scholarship programs to put CIIT education within everyone’s reach. These programs include the Interweave Scholarship Program, Future CIITizen Scholarship Grant, and CIIT Financial Aid Program. 
Moreover, we ensure that everyone’s application status is convenient. Our CIIT Online Admissions System (COAST) allows applicants to view their status with a click of a finger. If you want to unleash your full potential and participate in these exciting events, you should take a leap of faith and enroll at CIIT Philippines. You may explore the CIIT programs we offer by exploring our website further. The future awaits those who are brave enough to seize it

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