Online Enrollment in CIIT for the 3rd Term of AY 2020-2021 opens on February 15!

Online Admission in College for the 3rd term of AY 2020-2021 is ongoing! Apply now if you aspire to pursue a career in Computer Science, Multimedia Arts, and Game Development. Enrollment is set to open on February 15 so hurry to secure your slot.

CIIT’s online classes for the 3rd term will open on March 1, 2021, so better not waste time to experience a top-notch virtual education like no other. If you are curious about how we conduct our Modern Virtual Education (MOVE), watch the video below:

What can you expect from the virtual classes offered by CIIT?

  1. Access to industry-standard tools and software applications (such as Adobe CC, ToonBoom, Unity, etc) on day 1 until the end of your term.
  2. Privilege to rent the school’s computer units and other equipment needed for your class at a low cost.
  3. Reduced school fees making it affordable for students especially to those financially disadvantaged during this pandemic.
  4. Opportunity to have one-on-one coaching sessions and mentoring with Instructors who are veterans in the industry.
  5. Experience a manageable study load so you can balance your time at school and at home.

Plus, despite conducting the classes in a virtual setting, the quality of education in CIIT did not waver. In our first-ever online term last June to August 2020, our faculty received a 93.65% rating from our students—the highest faculty-rating, so far—proving that MOVE delivers top-notch student experience even online.

Ready to be a CIITzen? We’ll be glad to help you navigate our admissions process. Send us a message on Facebook by clicking this link: m.me/ciitphilippines or send us a direct email at info@ciit.edu.ph. Alternatively, you can also visit our admissions page to learn more about the process and requirements in applying to CIIT.

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How about Admissions for Senior High School and College for AY 2021 -2022?

Admissions for Senior High School and College for the next school year, AY 2021-2022 is also ongoing! Learn more about the admissions process here to process your application the soonest you can. Below is also a quick overview of the requirements that you should prepare for the application:

For incoming Grade 11 Senior High School

  • Good Moral Character Certificate from the Guidance Office or Principal
  • Grade 9 and Partial Grade 10 Report Card (F138)
  • PSA Birth Certificate

For incoming College Freshman

  • Good Moral Character Certificate from the Guidance Office or Principal
  • Grade 11 and Partial Grade 12 Report Card
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • 2 Recommendation Forms (See recommendation form template here)

College Transferee / 2nd Courser

  • Good Moral Character Certificate
  • Latest Copy of Grades
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • 2 Recommendation Forms (See recommendation template here)

For more information on the programs offered by CIIT, visit www.ciit.edu.ph/senior-highschool or www.ciit.edu.ph/bachelors-degree. You can also reach out to our Admissions Officers via our Facebook Page or email info@ciit.edu.ph.

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