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New Curriculum

In our continuing drive to provide the best education possible, our academics department has decided to release a revamped curriculum that seeks to combine the academic and artistic sides of CIIT’s educational services. This new curriculum, which will take effect on the first term of SY 2017 – 2018, will be offering less units but at the same time it will be more focused on enhancing the skills of our students.

In addition to the lower load when it comes to units, this streamlined curriculum will focus on more hands-on and skill-centered subjects, thus maximizing the training that our students can receive for a shorter amount of time. Much like our Bachelor’s Degree courses, our Diploma in Visual Arts and Design course was created with the students’ futures in mind. As part of our career-focused curriculum, students of the Diploma degree course will be required to take the TESDA National Certification exam. With the new examination requirement, this new curriculum will also help the students review for the Certification exams.

All in all the new curriculum focuses on enhancing the skills of its students while preparing them for employment within two years.

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