lifelong learner

Lifelong Learner

In line with its new K-12 program, the Department of Education(DepEd), in cooperation with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), has come up with the Lifelong Learners track. Starting SY 2018-2019 onwards, graduating from Senior High School will be a requirement for college admission. This is because there will be a new general education curriculum in place by the aforementioned school year that incorporates the SHS curriculum. Fret not though, because we here at CIIT have already adapted to this change and can accept students that will be under the lifelong learners track.

There will be a bridging program in order to help high school grads of the old basic GEC and college students who stopped their schooling before but wish to continue it. This bridging program will affect the above parties should they decide to go to college beginning SY 2018-2019. This will help them transition from the old GEC to the new one. On a side note, college students under the bridging program may have some of their old course units credited for the new GEC.

Below are the links to CHED’s statements regarding the lifelong learners track and other related matters, do give them a look since they will be very helpful in planning your child’s future!

In order to better understand the new set-up, here is a brief explanation of how the  Lifelong Learner Track works.

CHED’s main K to 12 website, which includes other government documents and FAQs related to the new K to 12 system.

Check also the infographic below for more details.

lifelong learner: CHED
Infographic Source

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