Global Game Jam 2020: Jamming Event to Watch Out for in AY 2020-2021

We’re halfway through the year but in a week’s time, our school will be starting another amazing school days ahead. With the kick-off of a new academic year, we are also excited to announce that CIIT will once again be joining the world’s largest game jam event, the Global Game Jam, this January 2020.

If you think “jamming” is only for those who are playing music together, then you’re mistaken because gamers and enthusiasts alike can also come together to create and play something that they are passionate about. In this era of the digital revolution, one of the most sought after innovations in the area of entertainment is interactive games. Since its establishment as a recreational activity, it has evolved into a variety of designs and structures. Today, these games offer options to play alone or with a large group. Given the amusement of many individuals to such activities, there is a need to create and develop more games that can be a tool to harness their logical and abstract thinking, strategic skills and also, be a form of amusement.

The Global Game Jam is an evolution of the concept of “playing together”. It serves as an opportunity to gather great minds that help create and develop games for gamers made by passionate individuals. This year’s challenge involves creating a new game from scratch in as little as two and a half days. Such an event is made even more interesting by the gathering of game creators, designers, and developers from around the world.

It was just last academic year when the school finally opened its doors to young Filipino game geniuses and enthusiasts by becoming one of the official centers in the Philippines of the said event. Out of 50 participants, 10 interesting games were developed and presented on the 3rd day of the jam.

Alongside our preparations for the upcoming academic year, we made certain to position ourselves once more to becoming an official game jam center for the second time around. The potential for us to discover fresh talents and sharpen the skills of our students alongside industry professionals is highly commendable based on last year’s results. This year, we are also opening this much-anticipated jamming event to Grade 10 and 12 students from CIIT-SHS and other schools. Having them exposed to such an innovative environment is a great platform for teaching a younger generation about the power and significance of collaboration over competition.

Mechanics to Join the Global Game Jam 2020

To join the Global Game Jam 2020, you must be a student of the TVL-ICT track. All you have to do is to pre-register. Go to the Pre-Registration Form and fill out all the details needed. Slots are limited to 10 Grade 10 students and 10 Grade 12 students. So, if you’d like to secure a slot, better fill-out the form the soonest time you can.

Got More Questions?

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