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Job Outlook for Multimedia Arts Graduates in the Philippines

We’ve heard you. Studying multimedia arts in the Philippines is expensive, superficial, and delusional. There have been so many myths surrounding the field that they’re already preventing young talents—out-of-the-box right “brainers” who could have been assets of the country—to pursue their dreams and become multimedia arts graduates. You can say the entire fallacy in a four-word statement: “Artistic careers are scarce.”

Possible Creative Fields for Multimedia Arts Graduates

So, we made this list of job opportunities to prove that studying a creative degree is not a crazy idea after all.

1. Print Media and Advertising

Imagine how many companies need a well-designed logo, brochure, event tarpaulin, print ad, and even a billboard. Now, think of those businessmen in black suits designing the logo and the ads on their own. Disastrous? Now, you know how badly they need a skilled multimedia artist in a laid-back hoodie.

Brands are finding it hard to get noticed with all the media clutter. That’s why they’d rather hire a great designer than gamble with their marketing budget for a crummy material. If you can make them stand out from a sea of city signboards, then give print media a shot.

2. Animation and Graphics Motion

Got inspired by the Filipino animators in Finding Nemo? They are most likely multimedia arts graduates. However, guess what, they didn’t make it there out of pure luck. They honed their creative talents and learned software a few years before they got the job. Therefore, if learning and natural talent is the formula, you can be a great animator, too.

Now, TV and movies aren’t the only fields where opportunities in graphics motion are hanging around. YouTube and other Internet portals have since been hotbeds for fans and animators. Video marketing was the Vogue in online industries. Who says  skilled video editors and graphic motion artists can’t get a worthy and decent means of living?

3. Web Design

If ever you’re wondering how many web sites registries occur every day, these we assure you: you’ll find hundreds of thousands of them. Unlike in the past few years where you can hardly find a business with a web site, now it’s becoming almost a requirement for all companies.

Whether the Philippines’ e-commerce will grow is not a matter of “if”, it’s only a matter of “when”. Hence, arm yourself with the right web design skills today, and tomorrow you can be one of the most in-demand pros in the country.

4. 3D Modeling

3D modeling is a high-demand skill in architecture, animation and game and product development. When you excel in spatial thinking, and you can imagine and move objects inside your mind, 3D modeling can be a goldmine and a career paradise for you. Start now and become top multimedia arts graduates.

Aside from these four fields of specialties, studying Multimedia Arts in the Philippines can also open doors to entrepreneurship, software publishing, and digital illustrations.

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