Bring Back the Color: Artwork Recreation of the Little Red Riding Hood

If you’re going to recreate an artwork of a childhood fairytale, what story would you choose? In compliance to the course Computer Apps in Arts and Design, Fourth Year student, Marie Pellejo of Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts, chose one of the most classical and interesting childhood stories, the Little Red Riding Hood .

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“I figured it (Little Red Riding Hood) was a simple story that would work well with the art style I chose,” says Marie. The style that she was particularly fond of during the development of this artwork is the watercolor art style of Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde, more known as Iraville, an illustrator based from Munich, Germany, and creator of “Cozy Days: Art of Iraville”. Marie was enthralled by Iraville’s creativity in using shapes and colors in her artworks which perfectly matches her concept for the fairytale story.

Using Illustrator, Marie played with shapes and colors similar to Iraville’s techniques. Initially, she thought of using Steven Universe as a reference but later changed her mind after seeing the works of Iraville. The playful use of the basic elements of art emanates an autumn vibe from the artwork.

There were three factors that Marie considered while creating her own version of the Little Red Riding Hood: One, keep it simple; two, consider the focal point for emphasis; and three, avoid too many details. In finalizing her project, she used Photoshop to layout the artworks she produced from Illustration.

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