CIIT SHS Students Automatically Accepted to College

Currently a student at CIIT? Finishing up your Senior High School (SHS) and thinking about continuing your studies here and staying on our campus a little longer? Feeling a little anxious about the college application process? Well, we have news for you!

CIIT Senior High School students are now guaranteed automatic acceptance into our College programs the moment you choose to enroll. Continue to benefit from our industry-based approach to higher education without the stress of waiting on the acceptance of your university application. We’ll also do our very best to ensure that the procedure you will have to go through in order to make the transition is as convenient as it can be.

Extending your stay at CIIT will entitle you to a number of opportunities, made accessible to you by the foundations you have laid out with us during your SHS. Automatic acceptance cuts out the need for an application process and permits you to go straight to enrollment. There’s no need to prepare and submit any documents at all! Although you will still be required to take our admission exam, this will be done in order for us to assess your current level of skill rather than determine your acceptance as other entrance exams might do.

One of your best advantages as a CIIT SHS alum is that you will be able to credit all of the specialization subjects taken in your two years of study with us to your College degree. This allows you to enjoy more flexibility while doing your degree and gives you a few different options when you decide how to go about your studies. Once you progress to your aligned CIIT College course, you will be able to credit specialization subjects that have been taken in your SHS track.

If you prefer to shorten your stay and perhaps graduate earlier, you can maximize your time by taking advantage of your lessened load to advance your enrollment in some of the non-prerequisite subjects. By doing this, you will be able to finish at least two (2) terms earlier than your degree is scheduled to.

Alternatively, if you prefer to maximize your degree, you can fill the empty slots left by the subjects you have credited with additional elective classes. This is great for really developing your skills under the College program you have chosen and making the most of the education you receive with CIIT.

Finally, by taking fewer subjects, you will also be able to enjoy your on-the-job (OJT) training without having to worry about having classes being conducted simultaneously alongside it. Instead, you will be able to completely focus on your work immersion program, acquiring the experience you need to bulk up your resume and possibly even landing a job offer with one of our partner companies. With this set-up, you will even get to finish one (1) term early!

So get comfortable in a campus with familiar places, no need to worry about getting lost or ending up in the wrong classroom. And perhaps, you will always see a few or even many familiar faces from the instructors you will get to meet again to the classmates who have chosen to stay along with you. You will be welcome to keep on using our facilities, to sit for hours in the library or do a project in the recording studio. All of your software licenses will be taken care of. We’ve said it before, Adobe CC, Toon Boom, Autodesk, and Unity will always be available to you for as long as you are a student of CIIT. There will be no need to learn how to use a new system when we have Edusuite and Canvas to cover you from your enrollment to scheduling classes, rewatching your past lectures to handing in all your requirements, all throughout SHS until College.

As a community that celebrates creativity, collaboration and in particular, lifelong learning, we’d love to continue to watch you pursue your passion and grow as an artist and innovator. As you transition from highschool to college and eventually into the workplace, we want to support you as you take your next step.

If you’re an incoming Senior High School who would like to experience a no hassle transition from SHS to College, you can also take advantage of this benefit. Enroll now in our SHS Program and start your journey in Media and Visual Arts, Animation or Programming with our high-calibre curriculum and instructors. Visit our website to know more about our program offers and learn more about CIIT.

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