Your Quick Guide to CIIT’s COAST

Are you looking to embark on the next chapter of your learning experience at the College of Arts and Technology? Before you become a Computing major at one of the most promising education institutions in the country, you need to acquaint yourself with the CIIT Online Admission System or COAST. 

What’s great about COAST is that you can send in your application right at the comforts of your home. This new self-service system is accessible to all incoming Senior High School and College applicants. Plus, it lets you take control of the whole process while cutting down on the waiting time for your application status. You can even track your status in real-time, making it super convenient for anyone to apply.

Before anything else, you need to register yourself (or an aspiring student) and fill out all the required information. Make sure you have your registered e-mail address credentials on hand as all notifications related to your application process will be coursed through here. 

Next, you need to visit the “Payment” tab of the CIIT website to pay a non-refundable amount of PHP500. There are various cashless transaction options for you to choose from so you don’t even have to go to the school physically to make payment. 

After this, you need to secure all the necessary recommendation forms. Please note, however, that the recommendation is only required for Senior High School, Freshmen, and Transfer student applicants.


Then, you need to submit other requirements. The requirements you need to send over depend on the education level you’re applying for so make sure to read the full guide carefully. Afterward, you need to schedule and take your entrance examination. There are limited slots per program so if you’re applying for Computer Programming, you better secure your slot early to be sure. 

Once you’ve finished your exam, you simply need to wait for the final results. If you’ve passed the exam, you must then pay a non-refundable reservation fee, which costs PHP5,000. The 2021-22 school year is slated to commence this July, so it would be ideal to secure your slot as soon as you can. For a more comprehensive guide on COAST, simply visit the Admission tab of the CIIT website. 

If you’re interested in applying for a college scholarship, you should take the entrance exam, and aim for the highest score. Early applicants for AY 2021-22 that rank in the top 50 performing examinees are entitled to the Future CIITzen Scholarship Grant. To know more about CIIT’s scholarship programs, you may visit this link

Your future awaits at our high-quality, industry-based learning institution. CIIT is your accessible and promising gateway to a world of endless opportunities.

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