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World’s 10 Most Successful Game Developers in 2015

It seems Clash of Clans or CoC has become a household name here in the Philippines. Going around the streets, you will hear the youth talking of clan wars. But before you freak out, you may think they are just having convo on their hobby, a mobile multi-player online game.

It has been three years since Supercell launched CoC, but it remains famous among gamers, whether they are male, female, children, student, or adult. This craze is proof of the success of mobile games. Supercell, though, is not the only one that made gamers hooked to mobile games.

Aside from it, you will also find other top mobile games in the market today.

Top Makers

Here is a list of the top 10 mobile game developers in 2015 along with their creation.

  • Supercell – Formed only in 2010 and has created less than 10 games (five of which were discontinued). Supercell rose to fame with Clash of Clans. This CoC has become the biggest game on iOS. Today, the game development firm has two other games: Hay Day and Boom Beach.
  • King – Founded in 2003, the firm has grown massively that its games conquered the web, mobile, social media (Facebook), and Windows 10. Among the dozen games launched, the most successful one is Candy Crush Saga that remains popular until now.
  • GungHo Online Entertainment – Started its business in 1998, GungHo created console and MMORPGs and hosted the Ragnarok Online server. Its current success is Puzzle & Dragons.
  • Rovio Entertainment – A Finland-based video game maker formed in 2003 and re-branded in 2011, Rovio gained success with its Angry Birds franchise. Since 2009, it has made other Angry Birds games for platforms such as Android, iOS, desktop, and Windows phone.
  • Gameloft – A Paris-based game publisher and maker, Gameloft has reaped awards since 2007. Its known games are Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, Thor: The Dark World, Gangstar Vegas, and Asphalt 8: Airborne.
  • EA Mobile – Formed in the United States in 2004, EA Mobile is into entertainment-related software but has found success in making mobile games. Its genres include fighting and puzzle games. To date, its most famous games are FIFA, Bejeweled, and Madden.

Other successful mobile game makers are:

  • Kabam – Kingdoms of Camelot; Dragons of Atlantis
  • Kiloo – Subway Surfers
  • Gamevil, Incorporated – Zenonia
  • Machine Zone – Game of War: Fire Age

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