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WordPress Cheat Sheet for Newbies and Business Owners

For many years now, WordPress has kept its title as the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). Pros not only find it flexible, and flexible, non-tech users who use WordPress for business think it’s easy to use, too. Therefore, if you’re planning to use it, too, here’s a WordPress cheat sheet to help beginners like you.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS that lets users run their website from a user-friendly interface. With it, you can make all the changes on your website from an admin area that’s rather easy to understand, even for utter beginners.

WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com

The main difference between the two is who’s hosting your website. If you’re a personal blogger, and you don’t plan to make money out of your blog, then free WordPress.com is the one for you.

However, if you’ll use WordPress for business, then WordPress.org will be better for you. It gives you rather the freedom and flexibility to grow your website the way you want.

Why Use WordPress for Business Websites and Web Design Courses

Based on the latest stats from W3Techs.com, almost 30% of the entire web uses WordPress. However, if these numbers don’t amaze you, check out the advantages of WordPress you can enjoy.

1. Set-up, management, and updating comfort
You need not be a tech whiz or an expert coder to use WordPress for business or otherwise. What you need, rather, is an Internet connection, a web browser, creativity, and lots of common sense.

2. Flexibility
Whether you’re using it for your blog or e-commerce site, WordPress is versatile enough to meet your needs with its extensive features and extensions.

3. Professional theme variety
Since it has over 2,000 free themes, you need not hire an expert web designer to have a professional-looking website.

4. Search engine friendliness
It uses high-quality codes and produces a semantic mark-up that make your site rather search engine friendly.

5. Safety and security
Since popular hackers love to target WordPress, it updates its software often to keep you and other users safe on your site.

6. Mobile friendliness
WordPress knows the essence of a mobile-friendly site; thus, you need not worry because most of its themes are responsive.

7. Media handling ability
It has built-in support for images and audio and video contents. Therefore, by just pasting the URL on your post, you can embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, tweets, and SoundCloud songs to your site quick.

8. Customizability
With thousands of plug-ins and themes available, you can customize your site the way you want it with just one click of a button.

9. Manageability
With WordPress, you can always add content and create a schedule whenever you want to publish those posts on your site automatically.

10. Multi-user capacity
WordPress is multi-user capable for large companies that need different levels of access to the site.

11. Dynamic service delivery
Blogging, commenting, drop-down menus, and e-mail harvesting are a few of its innate functions. In the same way, add plug-ins if you want to place more items such as event calendars, slideshows, galleries, and social media feeds.

12. Community building ability
By social media sharing or communicating through the comments section, WordPress has the features and plug-ins that let you set up a community the easy and convenient way.

13. Money saving means
WordPress for business and other uses is free, open, and user-friendly. Hence, you don’t need web designers to create, launch, and keep your website.

10 Ways of How You Can Take Advantage of WordPress

Adding new post and media on WordPress for business

Besides using WordPress for blogging, you can use it to the fullest in many other ways. Listed below are ways on how you can take advantage of this open-source CMS.

A WordPress Photo Gallery Site

Photo Gallery – With a WordPress gallery blog, you can put your collection of pictures on the Internet and show your photography skills to the world. In the same way, by installing a plugin, you can create and embed many galleries, present them in sliders or thumbnails, and manage them well.

A WordPress Portfolio Site

Portfolio – You may also use WordPress to post your sample works or pieces online, too. Likewise, if you’re an artist or a writer, a WordPress portfolio plugin can help you show your skills; thus, attracting possible job opportunities.

RatingWidget, A Popular WordPress Plugin for Rating System

Rating Site – You can build a site that allows visitors to rate certain persons, objects, products, or other site contents. Many WordPress plugins can now help you know the opinions or votes of your site visitors by using scales or yes-or-no questions. In particular, just pick the right format to display on your page, so you can gather stats on users’ preferences.

A Video Gallery Section of a WordPress Site

Video Collection Site – Do you want to embed movies to your site? WordPress can further support as many videos and movies as you want. In addition, you can post a gallery of videos or add clips originally uploaded on YouTube.

WP-Member, an Advanced WordPress Membership Plugin

Membership Site – If you have a WordPress site, include a section that builds groups or even community. Besides, give your avid viewers access to your expertise by inviting them to become members. You may launch either a paid or a non-paid membership program and show a preview of what you can offer (e.g., cooking tutorial videos, sample write-ups, etc.).

Checkfront, a WordPress Booking System Plugin

Booking System – A handful of WordPress plugins can help your site visitors to book appointments or make reservations. In addition, this feature works along with partner establishments real-time.

WPJobBoard, a WordPress Job Board Plugin

Job Board – You can spare a portion or a page of your site to list job openings. By using a WordPress job board theme, you can make your own job site and inform readers of the latest vacancies.

A WordPress Business Website

E-Commerce – Yes, an e-commerce site is, likewise, possible through WordPress! With the many plugins and themes available, you can build a shopping store or a coupon site that will help your visitors save on great items and services.

A WordPress Forum Plugin

Forum – Many digital marketers trust the power of a website that fosters real interaction and discussion. Hence, to create one on your page, WordPress has offered an array of forum plugins and themes that can turn your site into a social network.

Twitter Clone – No, this isn’t illegal! A WordPress theme can, otherwise, change your webpage and make it look like Twitter. With an inline commenting feature, your visitors can respond in a few words to a posted topic.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Newbies

Plugins are bits of software you can upload to extend, expand, and add WordPress features and functionality to your site. To help starters like you, we’ve piled up the best of the best for creating a powerful and user-friendly WordPress business website.

10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Newbies - CIIT Infographic - WordPress for Business

In using WordPress for business, arm yourself with knowledge and uncover its many purposes so you can use it to the fullest. In addition, upgrade your skills and learn new techniques by enrolling in CIIT’s WordPress web design course. Learn more here or contact us for other details.

Click here to download a copy of this infographic.

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