Why You Should Study Computer Science in the Philippines

Why You Should Study Computer Science in the Philippines

It goes without saying that there is a universe of possibilities in the world of Computer Science. As the late renowned scientist Stephen Hawking once said,

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.” 

While its relevance cannot be disputed, the question remains as to where you should study Computer Science. Well, you don’t have to look far and wide, as there’s nothing like pursuing your studies right in the country. But why though? In this article, we willl give 8 reasons why studying Computer Science in the Philippines is the best decision you can make for your future today:

1. The tuition fees are affordable.

 Working in the realm of computer science requires you to work with the latest hardware and software, which can cost a fortune. By choosing to become a computing major in the Philippines, you get access to world-class education on computers at an accessible price. By studying close by (or through remote learning), you get to save a lot of money on transportation expenses. Plus, you’ll get to stay close to your loved ones. Yes, dreams come at a price, but studying in the country means you don’t have to go broke just to go in the direction of your dream job. 

2. Creativity and open communication are encouraged. 

creativity and open communication are encouraged in the field of computer science

Regardless of what sub-field of computer science you choose to pursue in the future, it’s important for you to be creative and have good communication skills. By choosing to study in the country, you’re surrounded by people you can communicate with more comfortably. You also have the opportunity to showcase your special skills among peers that are on the same wavelength as you. Thus, you are empowered to express your creative ideas with confidence. 

3. You get to follow your passion.

 Are you brimming with ideas to help mitigate important issues in the nation? If you’re a lover of all things technology-related, studying in the Philippines can be a huge advantage to you. Why? You get to use the set of skills you learn in school and apply them to passion projects that solve relevant issues in the country. You get to use what you’ve learned from computer science and make a difference in the country and society. 

4. There is continuous learning and room for growth.

the world of computer science is continuously evolving

 As the world of computer science evolves, so must computer programming experts in order to stay relevant. That’s the beauty of computer science: it’s not boring. There is always something new to learn and a lot of opportunities for growth. By choosing to study in the Philippines, you get to learn things that are significant to real-life situations, and you can grow in order to help solve important issues.

5. There are a lot of challenges. 

From connectivity to access to the most advanced technologies, there are a lot of challenges of studying while living in the country. Thus, this presents an exciting challenge for those studying in the Philippines. There are so many important issues to be resolved, and the set of skills you acquire in computer science gives you the opportunity to help solve these problems. You get to demonstrate how resourceful you are when it comes to real-life situations, not just in theory. It’s a great training ground for when you tackle work-related problems in the future. 

6. You get paid well.

Computer scientists are among the most handsomely paid professionals in the market

 Yes, even amid the global pandemic. Computer scientists are among the most handsomely paid professionals in the market, and there is still a demand for new hires amid the pandemic. In fact, according to a study by award-winning online job board company Jobstreet, 28% of the job openings in the country are related to Information Technology (IT), the industry where most computing majors end up in. Thus, there are a lot of opportunities for those who study computer science in the country. 

7. Filipinos are being recognized worldwide. 

Even though the ongoing global crisis has affected companies worldwide, Filipinos, especially those in the health and information and communication technology (ICT) sectors remain in demand here and abroad, according to Manila Bulletin. Filipinos, after all, are known for their stellar skills and good interpersonal relationship management. This reinforces the global competitiveness of Philippine education. Thus, there are a lot of career opportunities even outside of the country should you choose to pursue studying Computer Science in the Philippines. 

8. Filipinos take care of each other.

Filipinos treat each other with malasakit

 By studying in the country, you get to learn alongside young and hungry minds of the same set of values. Filipinos treat each other with malasakit. By choosing to study in the country, you also surround yourself with mentors who understand where you’re coming from. They understand the struggles of living in the country and can help you learn in a compassionate environment.  

These are only a few of the good reasons why studying computer science in the country is both rewarding and challenging. Before you dive into the professional world of computers, you need to equip yourself with the basics, after all.

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