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Reasons to Study Gamification Today

To secure a better future and career, most senior high school students opt to take in-demand courses. These include tech-related degrees like computer science and information technology. But due to the rise of digital games and apps, courses related to entertainment and multimedia computing follows closely. Some even pursue courses related to gamification and mobile app development to step up their game. But is it really crucial to find an industry-focused school? Will it help you compete with the thousands of hopefuls in the job market? When should you choose to study gamification over app development? Check out the answers below.

Why Study Gamification?

To start, let’s first define “what is gamification”. This approach uses gameplay tactics and game design methods in a non-game context to improve user experience and engagement.

It has become one of the fastest growing fields in the recent years with no signs of slowing down. The gamified system effect is evident in websites, apps, retail, and school works, among others. In line with this, the demand for experts in this field also increases. If you’re planning to pursue this career, here are some job titles you can snag.

Top Possible Job Titles

1. Gamification Design Consultant

Helps firms apply gameplay concepts to existing or proposed systems such as websites, mobile apps, or loyalty programs.

2. Gamification Project Manager

Ensures that the whole program is delivered as specified, tested, and refined from start to finish.

3. Business Process Analyst/Engineer

Inspects existing business processes and redesign them to optimize for efficiency, quality, human interaction, incentives, and challenges.

4. Product Manager/Designer

Creates and oversees new projects, ensuring that the key parts are present and all functions are planned since day one.

Top Gamified Fields

    1. Retail and e-Commerce
    2. Politics
    3. Healthcare
    4. Non-Profit
    5. Human Resources

Games and Gamification Must-Have Features

1. The user must feel like they’re at the center of the game; the hero of their own player journey. Make this happen by letting the player choose their own means of progression and rewards.

2. The rules must be clear and should make sense, which can be achieved by following the usual gamification format. Give instant feedback through points or please your players with rewards and badges.

3. Visual picture of progress is a vital factor. Use charts, graphs, or record of badges to help them track their journey. Being able to share the player’s progress on social media is also a great add on.

4. The product or system needs to have the right amount of challenge for its target market. Getting the right balance is the key to ensure that this approach fulfills its goal.

Creating a Gamified Learning Environment

Card game that helps study gamification concepts

Do you know that you can also gamify your learning experience? Here’s how you can level up the fun and your grades while you study gamification.

1. Use reward schemes and leader boards.

These are the most common feature of video and online games. They are great motivators because they turn on your fight mode. Invite your classmates or group of friends. Set up a friendly match using a points system. The one who’s on top can get a special prize from all the other players at the end of the semester.

2. Take online tests and quizzes with instant feedbacks.

Taking online tests and quizzes that give instant feedbacks and positive rewards plays a vital part in player immersion. It is one of the factors behind the success of Candy Crush. Happiness from winning streak and the resolve to do better next time is the science behind the success of these gamified tactics.

3. Master a subject.

Gamify your review sessions through changing the levels of difficulty of each subject or topic. Level up by mastering a subject or solving problems. As you work through difficult academic problems, you won’t even realize that your knowledge and experience also increase. Working in teams can upgrade the fun and excitement.

Top Learning Platforms to Check Out

To experience it firsthand, here’s a list of apps and websites that use game-based learning according to Edukasyon.ph.

    1. SoloLearn
    2. Quipper
    3. TedEd
    4. Blinkist
    5. Khan Academy

Study Gamification with CIIT

Game start screen to show when to study gamification

If you’re a game buff and want to learn more about this field, CIIT’s Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing can be the best course for you. It opens diverse career paths for you to take in the future.

Aside from making games, this course focuses on Gamified System Development to make you become a multi-skilled game creator. Study gamification with CIIT and we’ll equip you not only with know-hows from the textbooks but also with real-life tips from seasoned mentors that you can use to grow your career.

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