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Why Choose ABM Strand (Plus Career Paths to Pursue to Be a Successful Professional)

Starting a business is now made easy with the different platforms online. There are marketplaces and social media channels that cater to the needs of consumers with the help of online enterprises. Because of its convenience, many young people are interested in pursuing business as a career. Don’t get us wrong: It could be convenient, but it’s never a smooth sailing industry.

Having said that, it’s vital to have a good foundation in entrepreneurship. One way to ensure this is by taking the Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) strand in high school. You might ask, “Why choose the ABM strand?” That’s because this senior high program doesn’t just prepare you to be an effective businessperson; it also helps you to be competitive in relevant career paths.

If you’re not yet convinced, keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer your question: Why choose the ABM strand? Not just that, we’ll also discuss top job opportunities you can pursue when you’re a graduate of this specialized track.

ABM Strand: What Is It?

Let’s go back to the basics. What is the ABM strand? To keep things simple, ABM is one of the four strands in the Academic track of the K-12 curriculum. It’s a course that focuses on teaching students business management concepts such as accounting, finance, operations, entrepreneurship, business mathematics, and marketing.

In this strand, you’ll deep dive into subjects such as applied economics, business ethics, fundamentals of ABM, business math and finance, organization and management, principles of marketing, and business enterprise simulation. These core subjects will help you hone your business acumen, acquire many other skills, and prepare you to be competitive industry experts in the future.

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Why Choose ABM Strand in Senior High?

The ABM strand is a strong stepping stone if you want to pursue business, accountancy, and other relevant courses in college. Furthermore, it’s an integral preparatory program for those who want to engage in entrepreneurship or other business-related careers.

So why choose the ABM strand? As mentioned earlier, ABM is a good starting point if you want to have your own business. However, it goes beyond that. ABM opens a lot of career opportunities and shouldn’t be boxed in business management and accountancy.

Aside from wide ranging career paths, this course brings out critical skills—communication, decision making, attention to detail, and innovation—needed to thrive in the professional world. Hence, it won’t be a waste of time even if you want to take a different path after senior high school. ABM teaches you to be globally competitive and be ever ready for a dynamic work environment and various industries.

Why Choose the ABM Strand: The Top 10 Advantages

1. Acquire 21st century skills

2. Build your confidence in communicating your ideas

3. Learn the necessary concepts, theories, and principles of business

4. Become familiar with industry trends

5. Know how to effectively perform accounting tasks

6. Understand the ins and outs of entrepreneurship

7. Enhance managerial skills

8. Get ready for college and future career

9. Be prepared for the corporate world

10. Start and run business ventures

Why Choose the ABM Strand: Paths to Take as an ABM Strand Graduate

Another point to answer the question, “Why Choose the ABM Strand?”, is the career you can explore. When you’re a graduate of this K-12 program, you have various paths to choose from.

  • You can establish your own startup right after senior high.
  • Conversely, you can continue your studies and take business-related courses.
  • You can take a different college degree if you want to change your career path. Don’t worry; the knowledge and transferable skills you learned from this track are still essential in other courses.
  • If you don’t want to manage your own business, you can look for other job opportunities.
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Why Choose the ABM Strand: Job Opportunities to Apply For

As previously stated, you can secure job opportunities in ABM and even outside of that bubble. Here are some of the professions ABM students can pursue.

1. Accountants

One of the common reasons for the question, “Why Choose the ABM strand?” is that there’s an increasing demand for accountants across the globe. With the growing number of available posts and the lucrative salaries, it’s no surprise that many students want to jump into this profession. Accounting is not an easy field, but if you have the right knowledge, training, skills, and education, it’s achievable and rewarding.

2. Marketing Managers

Management is a core subject in ABM. Thus, part of the top job opportunities is the marketing manager position. This profession focuses on ensuring that the business’ products and services are promoted to achieve the company’s goals. Job candidates are expected to be an expert in developing and implementing marketing strategies and managing staff.

3. Financial Consultants/Advisors 

Another possible ABM job is being a financial consultant or adviser. This post ensures that the finances of a company are properly handled. Professionals in this field analyze books; create a plan based on the gathered data; improve cash flow; and suggest effective methods for budgeting, saving, and investing.

4. Director of Sales

Professionals in this field are responsible for creating sales strategies, developing effective ways to achieve sales targets, and negotiating with clients and suppliers. They also oversee the sales team to ensure that all sales operations run in accordance with the company’s standards and objectives.

5. Entrepreneurs

Startups owned by GenZers are becoming the norm. Thus, many want to take a chance in this field. If you want to be one of the young leaders in business, then the ABM strand and a degree in Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship can enhance your qualifications and elevate your career to be a successful business owner.

Other Fields You Can Pursue

  • Administration
  • Banking
  • Data Analysis
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Hospitality management
  • Human resources
  • Internal quality consultation
  • Restaurant management
  • Tourism
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Become Business Thought Leaders with CIIT’s ABM Skill-Based Curriculum

If you want to have a business and effectively manage it, or thrive in your chosen profession, ABM can equip you with the competencies needed to achieve this. However, as said earlier, it’s crucial to have a good foundation to succeed in this field. Therefore, make sure that you’re armed with the expertise and skills that only a leading and reputable campus can provide.

Why choose the ABM strand at CIIT? We offer a top-notch curriculum that has been reviewed and recognized by industry experts and our industry partners. Not only that, we ensure that all our programs, including the senior high school ABM strand, effectively produce CIITzens who have an innovative mindset, modern business expertise, and competitive skills.

At CIIT, you won’t just be ready to work, but you’ll also be prepared to become a trailblazer in any career that you choose. Be a part of our community of innovators and creators, and develop what it takes to change the world—leadership and excellence in your industry.

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