Why Choose a CIIT Computer Science Degree Today

It goes without saying that the future is in technology. In fact, according to LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report on the Philippines, the national digital economy is expected to balloon to be worth $25 billion or PHP1.27 trillion in 2025. The potential for career growth and success is exponential, and it is expected that technology will continue to play a huge role in the progress of society.

A great place to start towards the technology ladder of success is through the study of Computer Science. From becoming a programmer at Facebook to developing the latest disruptive mobile application, there are a lot of amazing opportunities for those who pursue an education in Computer Science. The demand for computer-related skills is high, and it is expected to continue in the coming years. Plus, with the valuable skills you learn in Computer Science, you can even make some extra money before you earn your degree.

This is why it is important that you choose an academic institution that will equip you with the skills to be globally competitive and future-ready. Your education should be practical and relevant to the demands of today and beyond. Your mentors should be able to share valuable knowledge and wisdom for you to pursue your own passion and dreams.

An excellent example of this is CIIT Philippines. We are a full-fledged learning body that caters to gifted students and business clients with the best yet affordable training in Multimedia Arts and Information Technology. Among our academic offerings is a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer with Specialization in Web and Mobile Application Development. 

What makes a Computer Science education in CIIT Philippines so valuable anyway? How does it stand out among the academic institutions offering computer studies? Well, here are reasons for you to consider enrolling in CIIT Philippines:

1. The curriculum

Curriculum for computer science

From computer programming to web design, game design development to technopreneurship, Computer Science students at CIIT Philippines will get to learn the most relevant sub-disciplines of computers today. Developing competencies in this field of study can help students master the science of problem-solving and make them experts in software development, engineering, and programming.

CIIT Philippines’ Computer Science program is specially designed for students to have the opportunity to choose their own passion within the realm of computer studies. It paves the way for learners to find their place in the wide world of technology. Not only that, but it also opens doors for lucrative technology-related endeavors even before one earns his degree. 

2. Program partners

Program partners for computer science

As technology continuously evolves, so must the study of computer science. Students must be equipped with the latest tools and trends of the trade. This is why CIIT Philippines constantly works to improve its programs to make them more relevant to current trade needs. In line with this, CIIT has partnered with famous players such as Adobe Systems, Autodesk, and WACOM, among others, for the latest software and learning tools. These give students a complete and inspiring learning experience that prepares them for the demands of the work.

3. The academic staff

Academic staff of computer science

CIIT Philippines offers the best industry-based teaching by hiring top experts as mentors. The teaching staff of CIIT Philippines is mostly of active industry pros who share their first-rate knowledge and skills. Thus, students will get to learn from technology professionals who have amassed valuable experience, and consequently, equip students with the skills and wisdom to pursue a well-rounded career in technology. Simply put, the academic staff at CIIT Philippines can walk the talk. 

4. Value for money

Affordable computer science courses

With the rising costs of everyday expenses, pursuing a college education may be challenging for some people. CIIT Philippines believes in the empowerment of the youth through industry-ready, values-driven, and accessible education. Thus, the academic fees at CIIT Philippines are reasonable and flexible. 

To add to this, CIIT Philippines believes in the future of Digital Arts and Technology in the Philippines, which is why CIIT Philippines supports aspiring and passionate students to move closer to their dreams through our college scholarships. These programs include the Interweave Scholarship Program, Future CIITzen Scholarship Grant, and CIIT Financial Aid Program.

In this day and age, it is important for students to pursue an education that provides amazing opportunities for growth at an accessible price tag. Everyone has the right to education after all. A Computer Science education at CIIT Philippines provides all of that and more. CIIT Philippines grooms its learners to be ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.  

An academic institution that promotes high-quality, industry-based teaching, CIIT Philippines gives its students a holistic and inspiring learning experience that prepares them for illustrious careers whatever path they choose. The youth, after all, is the future, and CIIT Philippines believes in paving the way for globally competitive Filipino professionals. Click here for more information.

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