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Does Age Really Matter in Game Development Schools?

Disparity in the workforce still exists in recent times. Men dominate most of the best jobs. Few are open to experienced professionals while other posts are available to middle-aged workers. These may appear biased although such restrictions can sometimes lead to better economic growth.

While many industries apply “discriminating” rules to achieve business success, one field remains fair and neutral—art. This field is open to everyone regardless of age, gender, or race. If you are artistic and in your 30s or 40s, you can still improve your craft and land a rewarding career someday. Study a game development (GD) course today.

Art is Ageless

Even before going digital, art is already for everyone. The field is not for youngsters alone but also for every enthusiast. In your 40s, you may opt to study game development because learning art has no age requirement. Nobody is too old to discover his or her artistic potential.

In pursuing this path, you need to show certain traits.

  • Passionate – Be passionate of entertainment multimedia. Expect to learn the ins and outs of the field and apply them to your own masterpiece.
  • Skilled – This refers to technical acumen. You must at least have little talent in game programming, designing, and scripting.
  • Interested – Keenness to learn new things is your key to improving your talent. Your knowledge will help you go a long way toward making new designs and concepts.
  • Broad-minded – Since multimedia art evolves so fast, you must always make way to grasp methods that are more modern. One best way to improve your craft and produce a great output is to learn the most current industry trends.

These traits will enable you to grab the most sought-after careers in the Information Technology or IT job market.

Study Now

In taking a GD course, you can choose between two great options: finish a Bachelor’s degree or a short course. Choosing either will guarantee to enhance your skills and grow your understanding of art.

What do you expect to master when you study a GD program?

  • Game animation programming
  • Advanced game design and scripting
  • Mobile game development

Game development never grows old as long as you seek ways to create the trendiest games playable in various platforms and devices. Enroll at CIIT, the best game development college in the Philippines.

At CIIT, you may enroll in double diploma in computer science. You can master GD while also learning software engineering or network design. The school accepts students regardless of age. For more details on GD programs, inquire at info@ciit-ph.com.

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