Top 10 Fallacies about 3D Animation Course You Should Ignore

In reality, animation may not be what you think it must be. Read on to enlighten your mind.

1. Animation is just for kids.

Many TV programs and movie animations target and appeal to a variety of audiences because these are the most light-hearted means to talk of and deal with serious stuff.

2. Anyone who works in animation has the mind of a child.

Yes, children are skilled and artistic, but they cannot plan and draw high-quality animations in the level of ”Shrek” and “Cars”.

3. Traditional animation is dead.

Many studios still make films and TV series using outdated 2D animation tricks because machines cannot copy a few styles and techniques.

4. Working in animation does not offer career growth.

Salaries may vary at first but as you gain enough knowledge, skills, and experience, moving up is the only way to go.

5. You must be a master artist to be an animator.

You do not need Van Gogh’s talent to be an animator, but you must learn scale, anatomy, proportions, and other artistic principles to succeed.

6. Animation is quick.

An animated sequence is slow and tedious to create. A three-minute animated video can take up to six weeks to plan, write the script and storyboard, and complete the project.

7. Animation is the first step you do in a project.

Animation comes last, except for the adding of sound effects. The task is process-driven; thus, it will be unwise to start without letting the whole team know what to do.

8. Animation is easy.

Animation is not a one-man team. Producing an animated film calls for an army of technicians, artists, and special effects crew.

9. In an animation course, you draw and animate images.

The work involves not just making the drawings move. You will create storyboards and plan narrative sequences, too. This means you need to learn other skills such as storytelling, scriptwriting, and film studies.

10. Thirty extra seconds isn’t a big issue.

An average animator completes about 144 frames a day equal to just 6 seconds of footage and around an extra week for the whole team.

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