choosing arts and multimedia college program

What to Expect When You Choose Arts and Multimedia as Your College Program

Unleash your creativity and develop in-demand skills. Here’s what to expect when choosing an arts and multimedia college program!

Visual communication is booming, and multimedia artists are at the forefront. If you’re passionate about technology, art and design, a college program in Multimedia Arts might be your perfect fit. What exactly goes on in one of these programs? Get ready to unleash your creativity and develop in-demand skills. Here’s what you can expect when choosing arts and multimedia college program!

Skills You’ll Learn by Choosing Arts and Multimedia College Program

choosing arts and multimedia college program

Forget the stereotype of an art student sketching in a studio all day. If you’re enrolled in a Multimedia Arts program, then there’s no limit to how to learn design. You’ll encounter traditional art forms like drawing and photography while mastering industry-standard software like Adobe Creative Suite, 3D modeling, animation, web development, and video production.

Multimedia artists typically know how to produce various media elements like graphics, audio, and video to tell stories and convey ideas powerfully and engagingly. The possibilities for you are endless, so you certainly have the freedom to become a specialist and choose what type of art student you want to be.

Because of this, you can expect to develop a well-rounded skillset that will make you a valuable asset in the creative industry. More than earning the technical know-how of software and tools, here are some “soft skills” you will likely adopt as a student of Multimedia Arts (and some tips for Filipino students looking to make a proper living in arts and design in the future!):


Critical thinking is important, even and especially for artists. If you’re a fan of thinking outside the box and developing innovative ideas, treat your educational experience as your playground.


You can’t just be a creator! To prepare you for the “real world”, especially if you aspire to become a team manager one day. You must learn to effectively present your ideas and work seamlessly with teams on projects.

Time Management

It shouldn’t be news that the professional world is fast-paced, and even artists are bound by quick turnaround times, so it is better to improve this skill.


The field of multimedia arts is constantly evolving, so brace yourself for new trends and technologies to explore and embrace.

Get the Most Out of multimedia arts in the Philippines as a CIITzen

choosing arts and multimedia college program

With a Multimedia Arts degree, you’ll be prepared for many exciting careers. Here are just a few possibilities:

  • Graphic designer
  • Video editor
  • Web designer
  • Motion graphics designer
  • 3D animator

Earn your Bachelor of Multimedia Arts degree from CIIT and be equipped with the latest skills and knowledge required in the industry. Finally, by choosing arts and multimedia college program, you’ll be immersed in a comprehensive learning experience tailored to prepare you for success in the dynamic field of multimedia arts in the Philippines

College is an excellent time to find your artistic voice, so maximize your educational experience. Discover more about student life at CIIT and learn how we can help you become the artist you aspire to be.

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