What is gamification: Everything you should know to get started

What is Gamification?

The wonders that technology brings to our daily lives seem to be endless. It’s part of our learning processes, work lives, and even our leisure times. Also, most firms turn to tech’s vast benefits to help them reach business growth and success. They often use novel schemes to reach and gain a wider audience. Today, online businesses use modern approach such as gamification to increase user engagement and boost their brand. But first: what is gamification?

The term gamification means fusing gaming elements to non-game concepts or tasks (such as websites, apps, and school activities) to motivate and engage people to stay loyal to a brand. This can help drive more sales, build a stronger brand, aim for deeper brand loyalty, reach better ROI, and more.

Since the use of tech to aid business growth is here to stay, businesses need more specialists such as game designers and game developers to make gamification solutions possible.

So, if you want to take up courses in game development and pursue gamification design, read on to know the basics and how CIIT Philippines can help you move a step closer to your goals.

What is Gamification Used For?

Who coined gamification?

Nick Pelling, a British-born computer programmer and inventor, coined this term in 2002 as part of his consulting business, Conundra. Though the term was coined in 2002, it didn’t become well-known until 2010.

Source: Gamify

Do you want to know how you can use this fresh approach to your advantage? Read on.


What is gamification in education?

Yes, this can also be applied in classes, workshops, and training sessions. This helps users to do more, absorb lessons better, and apply principles and theories in practice.

Several game mechanics applied in learning are:

  • Points
  • Badges
  • Goals
  • Leveling Up
  • Contests

These gamification techniques help apply the element (and excitement!) of completing certain game-like tasks for a better learning experience.


Now, can this also help even in corporate aspects?

The answer’s yes, too! Gamified corporate-based activities are helpful to ROI, sales, and employee engagement, too. In fact, you can check out these great examples on how brands use this strategy:

  • Popchips teamed up with the app company Kiip to offer bags of Popchips as prizes when players get to a certain level in mobile games.
  • Nike’s Nike+Running app tracks pace, time, distance, and calories burnt with GPS. Also, the app engages users in competitions through the daily, weekly, and monthly goals set by the app.
  • Dominos has gamified their mobile pizza ordering app. Users can shake their phones if they don’t know what they want to order, and the app will pick the toppings for them.

Mobile Apps and Social Media

As per a Gallup survey cited by Finances Online, nearly 71% of millennials feel disengaged at work. To address this, small businesses integrated this technique with mobile apps and social media platforms. In turn, this practice brought convenience to the staffs, making them more engaged and motivated.

Gamified Learning at CIIT Philippines

What is gamification in learning at CIIT Philippines

Surely, gaming is now a part of every student’s life. So, why not choose a school who value gaming like you do?

CIIT Philippines promotes gamified learning as a strong tool for greater education. We value the diverse learning styles our students have and believe that we can connect more with our students through gamified learning. This way, students will gain a better grasp of the value of education while having fun.

Want to learn how to integrate game mechanics to websites, apps, or even online forums and communities? Immerse yourself in the world of mobile game development with CIIT!

The CIIT game development specialist course will help you create video games through various mobile platforms and learn the basics of screen resolution, multi-tasked inputs, accelerometer, and optimized performance. This course equips you not just in creating fun, modern games but also in knowing how to gamify non-game elements useful for businesses, learning, and more!

To know more about the CIIT tuition fee, you may contact us or visit CIIT Alabang or CIIT Kamuning to know more. We’d love to have you as part of our family!

You may also check out our other CIIT short courses for more details.

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