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What is ABM Strand? Explore ABM Strand Opportunities and Career Pathways

Today’s business landscape is a cutthroat competition for newcomers. Online platforms pivot the growth of e-commerce and have opened many doors for online banking. Without the right skills and mindset, business success can be hard to reach. No worries, for you can enrich your business skills early! With the K-12 ABM strand, students will have a glimpse of the business field and spot trends that they can use in the job world. Learn more about ABM strand and the career paths that the future holds.

What is ABM Strand?

The Accountancy, Business, and Management Strand—or ABM strand—seeks to prepare the young business leaders of tomorrow. ABM strand paves the way for business-related college degrees. It teaches the basic concepts of financial management, accounting, and corporate operations. The programs under this strand aims to instill crucial skills that one needs to perform well in their future careers and businesses.

Learning about business and finance might be challenging. Nevertheless, taking ABM strand programs will help young entrepreneurs, like you, to adopt the right mindset for brighter careers. Read on to know more about this strand.

What are the Objectives of ABM Strand?

The K-12 program aims to give junior and senior high school students enough time to master skills and absorb basic know-hows for college education or job search. Students of the new system will graduate at the age of 18 and forge their path in their chosen career.

Each strand focuses on a specific skill set to provide a better grasp of concepts. The ABM strand highlights business and finance subjects to prepare the students for the business industry. Mainly, it covers these objectives:

Acquire basic industry skills.

As said earlier, the students who can finish the 18-year K-12 program will receive a diploma, which can be used for higher education or job search. Graduates can smoothly advance to college or find jobs, given that they passed the ABM track programs. Hence, the last two years in high school aims to teach everything that would make the graduates ready for job.

Adopt the right mindset.

Aside from the basic skills and knowledge, taking the ABM track courses will help the students develop confidence in doing their projects and tasks. Eventually, they will be able to adopt critical thinking skills and teamwork, which they can carry over once they partake in their chosen careers. Aside from skills, the ABM track programs could help students develop the right mindset.

Gain business exposure.

Being good in one craft takes practice. So, it’s best to shape young business leaders early on through real business exposure. The ABM track engages high school students in business simulation. This may require research projects and other practical courses. Also, the subjects under the ABM track aims to expose them to the different types of situations that business managers face regularly.

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Advantages of the ABM Strand

Learn the pros of taking the K-12 ABM strand this school year. The following are the advantages of taking this strand.

1. Fosters Learner-Centered Programs

With the K-12 program, the students have the freedom to choose among the four K-12 tracks. Their active role in choosing the track aims to teach the values of independence and responsibility. Since they are the one who chose the track, it’s also part of their duty to study the required subjects and complete the track programs.

2. Provides Direct Path to Careers

One of the goals of K-12 in the Philippines is to lead more students to their chosen careers. Many Filipinos are not able to pursue college due to various reasons. Based on data from the Department of Education (DepEd), close to 4 million students were not able to enroll for the current school year (PNA, 2021). K-12 seeks to bridge this gap through programs that will produce job-ready graduates each year.

3. Boosts Interest for Tertiary Learning

Aside from preparing them for work, the ABM track programs aim to encourage students to advance their learning through college degrees and skill courses. The ABM track subjects provide a glimpse of the careers ahead of them. Although they know the basics of ABM, gaining a higher degree can open more job opportunities.

4. Helps with Career Decision Making

Before, most high school students would experience a hard time choosing their college courses; with lack of awareness about the courses and tracks among the reasons behind frequent course shifting. With the K-12 program, senior high school students could explore arts, science, technical, and sports courses. Through this, they will have a better grasp of their college course choice and a clearer career path view.

5. Advances Skills in the Job Market.

Part of the K-12 ABM track program’s goals is to increase the education quality in the country. The track subjects aim to shape fresh graduates who are globally competitive and are set to win a spot in today’s job market.

ABM Strand Courses

The ABM track offers a wide range of choices for hopeful business leaders. This track leads to college courses such as:

Accountancy: Teaches the student how to combine IT concepts into business systems. The skills learned through this course help businesses to become more organized and efficient in storing data. This data will help in seeing trends and auditing systems.

Business Administration: Teaches the core of management and finance for business operations. Mainly, this program focuses on teaching strategic skills to manage company operations, human resource, and office management.

Entrepreneurship: Teaches students to learn practices that they can eventually apply to become successful entrepreneurs. This course zeroes in on approaches used today in developing, testing, and launching businesses; while helping students to hone their problem-solving and collaboration skills.

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Discover CIIT ABM Strand Track and Courses

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Aside from senior high school ABM strand, CIIT also offers a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship. This course aims to teach tech and online platforms and business tools that are useful for business success today. CIIT equips young leaders with knowledge and skills to become leaders and movers in the field. Browse through our senior high school tracks and programs and start building your dream today!

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