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Web Design College: Attract Diverse Personalities Online

Not all Internet users are the same. They do not adore the same color, same layout, and same font styles. While some can be patient enough to browse your page, others would hesitate or even refuse to scan your site. They will choose to leave it as soon as they find it boring. So how will you make sure you design the right web site for these people?

Know Who You Deal With

Like “offline” buyers who go to a brick and mortar business to shop, online buyers have diverse personalities and preferences. It is important that every site owner and designer strategize and identify the different personality types he/she is dealing with.

Are you wondering what these are? Below are six types of online buyers identified by web psychologists:

  1. The “Wish Listers” – These buyers pick items and put them in a shopping cart but never buy them in the end. ‘
  2. The “Brand-Oriented” – Some of your clients may be concerned about the current trends and the glaring physical characteristics of certain products. As “brand-oriented” buyers, they experiment on mixing two items and adding other accessories.
  3. The “Rationals” – These are the ones who base a decision on solid arguments rather than subjective thoughts and emotions.
  4. The “Maximizers” – This personality type describes people who view every product detail from top to bottom.
  5. The “Satisfiers” – Not all people would care to check all of your site’s pages or contents. “Satisfiers” would opt for the first product that can satisfy their needs and would never scroll down to view other options.
  6. The “Hesitators” – They are those who decide to buy something but hesitate to click the call-to-action button. They delay their buying decisions or choose to click on other tabs instead.
Good Design Tips

To help you come up with a site that suits the previously mentioned types of buyers, CIIT, a web design college based in Quezon City, has these useful design tips that can help you improve your craft and deal with your clients more effectively.

The “Wish Lister:” Display a pop-up window telling that the picked items are on sale.
The “Brand-Oriented:” Highlight colorful graphic designs rather than long product details.
The “Rational:” Provide a detailed product info and, if possible, a comparison of items.
The “Maximizer:” Set a limit on options by having a filtering feature on the site.
The “Satisfier:” Offer a “Search” button to filter buyer’s desired items.
The “Hesitator:” Place positive wording and offer “Feedback” form.

Do you want to learn more tips and create more effective web designs? Enroll at a web design college. Visit our web site at www.ciit-ph.com for more details.

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