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Ways to Advertise Multimedia Arts to Your Parents

Convincing your parents to allow you to enroll in a multimedia arts course is as tough as wrestling with a gorilla.

Almost everybody validates the idea that there’s no money in the arts. Maybe. But there’s money in technology and entertainment. If you blend it with art, maybe you’ll have the ideal career that can both enliven your passion and bring rice on the table.

If your folks are too resistant to let you pursue the course you want, here are things you can say to convince them:

1.   “Here’s how I can make a living as a multimedia artist…”

First, give them facts like “Did you know that the coke poster hanging on that sari-sari store is worth a five-digit salary to its designer?” or, “Did you know that a website design will cost thousands of dollars? So say, the pay for a web designer starts at $1000- 1000×40, P40K at minimum!”

The first way to convince anyone is to do your research. If your parents are just worried that your four years in multimedia arts can’t be put into practical use, give them very specific ideas. Explain by starting at things they can understand, such as those posters on sari-sari stores.

2.   “You know how much I want art, do you, Ma?”

They wanted you to pursue some other course? Well, try to consider those things first. But if you’re already sure about multimedia arts and they won’t allow you despite all the explanations in the world, here’s a take: tell them you don’t want to disagree with them, but you just can’t be happy pursuing another course.

Tell them the circumstances, like how much time you’ve spent on mastering Photoshop or any multimedia platform, like how you enjoyed your child days doodling the whole afternoon—any validating story that is likely to appeal to their parental instincts.

3.   “If you’re afraid I might fail, please learn that I’ll be responsible for it.”

There’s freedom in multimedia arts, but there’s also responsibility that comes with it.

Win your parents’ respect by acknowledging that making a living through spontaneous multimedia gigs is riskier than a steady paycheck. Assure your parents that you know what you’re doing and that you’re aware of the possible consequences.

Nevertheless, tell them that benefits still outweigh the risks: you can get the biggest clients if your digital prowess matches them. It doesn’t matter if you can’t solve a quadratic equation or if you suck at PhysEd.You won’t be judged by your GPA; you’ll be judged by the portfolio you showcase. Meaning, there’s a lot of room to be successful as long as you’re talented, and that’s why you want to hone your artistic potentials through a multimedia college.

Ready for a tough conversation?

Well, if you’re still doubtful about your chances of winning your parents’ approval, you better prove to them your school’s capability to bring you to an ideal future. Look for an institution that boasts of expertise, seasoned professors, and an industry-relevant curriculum.

Still got no college in mind? Not a problem. Check out CIIT-Philippines and/or visit their site at ciit-ph.com.

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