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Understanding DepEd’s Senior High School Voucher Program

To keep up with the world’s learning standards, DepEd upgraded its old curriculum. Thus, the K-12 program’s main goal is to raise the value of education in the country. More so, the agency pushed this further with the voucher program. So, learn here the steps, scope, and requirements you must meet to pass the senior high school voucher program screening.

Frequently Asked Questions on DepEd’s Voucher Program

What is a Senior High School Voucher Program?

It’s an aid from the Department of Education or DepEd to help junior high school (JHS) graduates study in a senior high school (SHS) program of their choice. Likewise, it lets them enroll in SHS at any school with a lesser burden on the high costs of school fees.

The SHS voucher program lets them gain first-rate teaching fit for their needs and goals at a marked-down price. Students won’t get cash, but instead a voucher certificate as DepEd remits the payment right to their chosen school. Further, they must show proof and other required papers for enrollment. Hence, based on scope, students may claim up to 50% to 100% discount on school fees.

Who Are Eligible?

Under the voucher program, ALL JHS (Grade 10) completers may qualify if they meet the voucher program requirements.

Based on Automatic Qualification

  • Grade 10 completers from DepEd/public junior high schools
  • Grade 10 completers from non-DepEd/private junior high schools under the Education Service Contracting (ESC) program 

Based on Application

  • Grade 10 completers from non-DepEd/private junior high schools not under the ESC program

In a recent update, Alternative Learning System (ALS) graduates that pass the Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E Test) and the Philippine Education Placement Test (PEPT) may qualify for the program.

Who Gets the SHS Voucher Program?

Students of non-DepEd/private schools, local universities and colleges or LUC and state universities and colleges or SUC offering the SHS program, and Tech-Voc schools get vouchers. In contrast, DepEd/public senior high school students don’t get  vouchers because they don’t pay fees.

Voucher Program Amount

Under the program, DepEd spends an average of PHP18,300 per voucher recipient but, based on location, the sum ranges from PHP17,500 to PHP22,500. In addition, it varies based on the senior high school’s location. Further, this computation accounts for the cost of living and public provision for the place.

National Capital Region (NCR)

  • Full voucher total: PHP22,500
  • Least subsidy: PHP11,250

Highly Urbanized Cities (HUC) outside NCR

  • Full voucher total: PHP20,000
  • Least subsidy: PHP10,000

Non-HUC outside NCR

  • Full voucher total: PHP17,500
  • Least subsidy: PHP8,750

Discount Percentage

  • 100% of voucher total – Students from DepEd/public JHS who will enroll at a non-DepEd/private SHS or Tech-Voc institution
  • 80% of voucher total – ESC grantees from non-DepEd/private JHS who will enroll at a non-DepEd/private SHS or Tech-Voc institution
  • 50% of voucher total – voucher recipients who will enroll at LUCs and SUCs, regardless if they come from public or private JHS

Voucher Program Requirements and Online Application Process

Those who don’t qualify may send an application online. Yet, the agency will still review it.

Here are the steps to apply for the discount voucher:

  1. Fill in the application forms and confirmation slip. You can download the forms and slip at the DepEd’s Official website
  2. Submit the forms, slip, and other papers: two 2×2 ID picture; PSA birth certificate; grade 10 report card photocopy; parent/guardian’s employment certificate; parent/guardian’s latest income tax return, exemption, or unemployment certificate; and scholarship certificate (if any) to the Private Education Assistance Committee. In addition, you may send them by email to application@fape.org.ph.
  3. Then, check the passer’s name or the qualified voucher recipient (QVR) on the portal.
  4. Download and print the approved QVR certificate and show it during enrollment at a school of your choice.

Is There a Required Grade Point to Pass the Screening?

None, but admission to the school of your choice will still rely on its requirements and decision.

CIIT’s Senior High School Program

k-12 voucher program for senior high school

In 2016, the CIIT College of Arts and Technology offered the senior high school program. In fact, it has SHS courses focused on the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) and Arts and Design tracks of the new K-12 system. Its Media and Visual Arts, Animation, and Programming courses, in the same way, fit senior high school students who wish to trail these tracks.

CIIT lets its students build a solid footing for a career in digital arts or IT. Besides, it hones future graphic and web designers, digital artists, 3D animators, game developers, software experts, etc. for vital job skills to help them do well in their careers. Aside from the SHS program, it also has bachelor, diploma, and short courses, and training and summer workshops for kids and teens.

Now, with the voucher program, senior high school students can get better access to the best schools. Further, a strong academic background paves the way for job-ready skills. CIIT, on the one hand, teaches the latest trends using modern tools from which the students can train under the best mentors in the field.

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