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“Foodstagrammers” Benefit from Visual Arts and Design

Have you ever heard of “foodstagram”? If you have taken a photo of your food and uploaded it on your social networking account for your friends to see, then that’s foodstagram. People got it from the words “food” and “Instagram,” which is a popular photo and video-sharing social networking service.

But even before “netizens” invented the word “foodstagram,” food photography already existed. This profession involves taking attractive and arty pictures of food for use in magazines, ads, food packaging labels, menus, and cookbooks. Besides photographers, food stylists take part in the activity too, by making sure the subjects appear good, tasty, and appetizing in front of the camera.

What is Food Styling?

Food stylists arrange food to make it attractive in photographs or broadcasts. Their mission is to translate the delicious taste and aroma of the food to a two-dimensional photo.

To achieve an excellent look for the subject, food stylists should understand the tricks to make the food appealing. They should know how to make a dish look fresh, tasty, and delicious. Both ingenious thinking and creative skills are the secrets to producing the best photo that does not just appeal but also sell.

Do you want to pursue this exciting yet challenging career? Here’s how to become a food stylist:

Becoming a food stylist requires a lot of creativity, passion, and visual skills. You can develop these three crucial gifts when you take a relevant college course in a first-rate digital arts school.

While there is no college course majoring in food styling, taking a visual arts and design program will surely help you become an expert food stylist.

Enroll at CIIT, take BA Fine Arts, and major in Visual Arts and Design. This program will let you go deeper and explore more about food photography and advertising design. At CIIT, you will learn the proper techniques and tricks of food styling without the need for Photoshop or other image editing software.

Learn visual arts and design now and soon you will see your visually compelling captured photos on cookbooks and magazines. You may get a chance to work for various companies and industries as well, including hotel kitchen and other fine dining restaurants.

Food styling, like foodstagramming, is a matter of “presentation” and expression of one’s self.

For more info about this craft as well as CIIT’s BA Fine Arts program, you may send an e-mail to info@ciit-ph.com.