UI vs UX Web Design: What Are Their Differences?

UX vs UI Web Designer: What Role Best Fits You?

The internet is expanding and ever-changing. It makes communication a lot easier and faster. For instance, typing the word “web” in the search bar already gives you over seven million relevant sites. This means millions of ideas and opinions worldwide. But as a user, what makes you click and read through a site? Aside from the content, is it the visual impact or the navigation? This article will delve deeper into the web design aspect of a site and UX vs UI web designer roles.

What is UX?

Don Norman, a cognitive scientist, coined User Experience or UX design as “all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” It focuses on the logical part of the design process such as webpage navigation and optimization. They ensure that the site logically flows from one step to the next.

To achieve this goal, UX designers conduct customer research and competitor analysis. This helps them develop sites that will respond to the users’ wants and needs. They make buyer personas and strategies that would help them create sitemaps, wireframes, and prototypes which they will later on, test and analyze.

UX vs UI Web Designers: UX Designer Functions

What is UI?

If UX deals with the navigation and structure of a site, User Interface or UI design deals with the page’s visual style and layout. UI designers turn the skeleton of the webpage into a striking, guiding and responsive page for users. They choose the best colors, typography, graphics, and other visual elements that will make the site appealing. Their designs should attract engagements from users.

Aside from the site’s aesthetic element, they also consider the client’s brand. They should be able to communicate the brand’s vision through the overall design and feel of the site.

UX vs UI Web Designers: UI Designer Functions

UX vs UI Web Designer: In a Nutshell

UX Designers focuses on how the product feels. They explore various approaches to solving a specific user problem. They create the skeleton of the page by conducting research and creating prototypes. Also, they ensure that the page logically flows from one step to the next.

On the other hand, UI designer deals with the overall feel of the product. They are particular with the product is laid out. They maintain the consistency of the design by choosing the best colors, icons, and style.

Way Ahead

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