CIIT student startups

Unleashing Ventures: Showcasing the Startups of Students

Many of CIIT student startups have come up with their own businesses, following their passion and making their mark in the world.

CIIT Philippines is always proud of the hard work our CIITizens exert. That’s why we proudly display the projects they’ve worked on our gallery page. Likewise, we’re also proud of the CIIT student startups our learners have established. 

Our learning institution believes that supporting our students’ entrepreneurial ventures is key to building their confidence and preparing them for the real world. That’s why we proudly showcase some of the CIIT student startups our entrepreneur students have set up. Throughout the years, many of our learners have come up with their own businesses, following their passion and making their mark in the world. 

A silicon valley adventure

CIIT student startups

Truly, starting a business is no easy feat–but it’s not impossible for students like you. Here’s an example of a CIIT student startup and some stories you can take inspiration from for your next business venture.

Monzuta Clothing Industries 

CIIT student startups

Over the pandemic, Roweeze Flores, a BS Entrepreneurship student, launched his very own t-shirt business called Monzuta Clothing Industries. This clothing brand supports upcoming rappers and artists and helps them spread the word about their music. Flores came up with the idea for this CIIT student startup when he realized that he had interesting t-shirt designs in mind because of his friends, who are rappers. 

Flores shared that studying at CIIT has been an enormous help in launching his business. He’s been able to network with like-minded individuals who’ve helped him further Monzuta Clothing Industries. 

We also talked to some startup owners that decided to pursue their passion for business and their stories really inspire us to do business ourselves. Read on below.

Casa Buena 

Nicole Sanchez launched her own online store, Casa Buena. Casa Buena is a floristry and event styling business specializing in beautiful bouquets for special events. Casa Buena offers dried and fresh flowers, intimate event styling, and bespoke wedding bouquets. 

For Sanchez, opening an online business highlighted the importance of being resourceful, diverse, and resilient. Since Casa Buena was launched, Sanchez has worked with many local brands and supplied for many weddings. 

Artkiteza Design Studio 

Arkiteza Design Studio is the brainchild of student freelancer Angela Aquino. According to Aquino, she established this startup, hoping to make an impact and not wanting to be just another graphic designer. 

Aquino and Arkiteza Design Studio have partnered with various local businesses for their graphic design needs. She also actively shares graphic design tips and tricks online through her social media platforms. 

Tiger Winx 

CIIT student startups

The business of entrepreneur and social media influencer Patrick Ramirez. Tiger Winx is a restaurant chain that offers various flavored wings and pasta dishes. They also deliver food. As per Ramirez, you must understand your target audience and aspire to be relatable. Tiger Winx now has several branches in Metro Manila and Lucena City. 

Kanto Street Food 

Kanto Street Food is a food cart business owned by Luis Arevalo and Ivann Enriquez. This startup offers popular street food, like squid balls, hotdogs, kikiam and siomai. According to Enriquez, companies must nowadays use technology to make their lives easier. The duo uses various business apps to streamline their operations. 

Roots Collective

A marketplace and community for social and sustainable enterprises. Dexter Uy and Aloy Chua launched this startup. Their businesses offer various products like accessories and personal care items. Chua aims to unite businesses that produce sustainable products and mindfully manufacture their items. Roots Collective encourages more people to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Starting your own business

CIIT student startups

These businesses are only some stories that you can replicate and take inspiration from. We believe every student should be given a platform to show their ideas and pave their way to success. If you want to become a student entrepreneur with relevant skills for today’s market, you should look no further than CIIT Philippines. 

We at CIIT Philippines offer some of the best college courses in the Philippines. If you want to pursue entrepreneurship in the Philippines, we can help you learn practical strategies and techniques in today’s competitive landscape. 

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Moreover, you can easily find out your application status through our CIIT Online Admissions System (COAST). If you want to learn about our CIIT programs further, explore our website today.