understanding web design Philippines

Understanding Web Design: Tips on Website Building

A deep understanding of web design in the Philippines is crucial to get the approval of your web design clients in the future.

If you’re taking a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing (BSEMC) course, one of your projects will be website designing. Having a deep understanding of web design in the Philippines is crucial to developing a website that will get the approval of your professors and, hopefully, your web design clients in the future.

Here at CIIT, we aim to teach our students in-demand tech skills to help them prepare for the real world. So, if you’re planning to harness your skills in website building, here are some important points to remember.

Steps for a Successful Web Design and Development

When building a website, creating good design is only a part of the process but in reality, there are quite a few things you need to plan and consider before launching a website:

Define Your Website’s Goals and Objectives

understanding web design Philippines

The first step for a successful web design project is to define its goals. If you’re tasked to create an e-commerce website, its primary objective is to sell products. Therefore, develop a website that prioritizes user experiences that motivate visitors to purchase products. This can span from readability, search functionality, catalog organization, and much more. 

Identify Your Website’s Target Audience

The web-building process in general also encompasses identifying your website’s target audience. Knowing your audience lets you learn their characteristics, technological preferences, and browsing behaviors to craft tailored website content. Having a clear understanding of web design can really make or break your website.

Outline Your Web Project Requirements

understanding web design Philippines

Once you’ve completely understood your website’s goals and target audience, map out your web project requirements. These typically include the project’s timeframe, budget, scope of work, design specifications, technical requirements, and content creation. This will help you manage your resources and understand where you should focus your efforts when building a website.

Secure Your Web-Building Essentials

If you’re already clear with the basics of web design, you will also need the following:

Domain name. Cloudflare defines a domain name as the “unique and easy-to-remember address used to access websites.” Examples are ciit.edu.ph, youtube.com, etc. When choosing a domain name, it should be short and memorable.

Web hosting. To make your website accessible online, you also need to choose a reliable web hosting provider. With web hosting, you can store your website’s files and data on a server, enabling visitors to check out your website.

Build Your Website Content

understanding web design Philippines

You can code from scratch or use website builders to create content. Various content management systems (CMS) also help you create, publish, and manage digital content without having to code, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and more.

Learn Web Design and Development with CIIT

understanding web design Philippines

Although there are several free website-building resources online, enrolling in a relevant course can help better harness your web design and development skills.

If you’re seeking a career in technology focusing on practical applications like business or entrepreneurship, consider enrolling at CIIT. If you’re in senior high school, check out our SHS Programming Track, where you’ll better understand how web design works in the Philippines and other core areas. Meanwhile, if you’re a college student, explore our BSEMC program, which covers website design and other top digital skills that will help you thrive in the entertainment and multimedia computing community.

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