An In-Depth Guide About TVL Track and Strands for Future SHS Students

Wondering what track to take to achieve your dream course? If you have this in mind, you’re probably an incoming senior high school student. So, here’s a piece of advice: choose your track and strand wisely. Doing this will urge you to pursue college or to start your career shortly after graduation. Are you more of the latter? If yes, here’s the best tip for you: take the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood or TVL track.

So, what’s the TVL track?

The subjects under TVL track strictly follow TESDA’s rules, ensuring workplace-ready students. In fact, every TVL strand helps students acquire job-ready skills. The TVL track does not only guarantee skills but also ensures employment, backed by TESDA certifications: Certificate of Competency (COC) and National Certifications (NC). So, for students who want to get hired right away in the field of agriculture, electronics, or trading, TVL track is for you.

Choosing Among the Strands Under the TVL Track

Having a hard time choosing the best TVL strand for you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many students find it hard to choose among the TVL strands since it will determine their future career or college program. So, take this moment seriously. Read on and learn what TVL track strand works best for you.

List of TVL track strands:

  1. Information and Communications Technology Strand
  2. Home Economics Strand
  3. Agri-Fishery Arts Strand
  4. Industrial Arts Strand
TVL track: ICT strand for senior high school students

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strand

The ICT strand is best for students who want to take computer science and its related degrees in college. In fact, this is perfect for tech-savvy students who are fond of using technological tools to foster their skills. This TVL strand will enhance your skills in technical drafting, animation, and programming languages. You will learn how to write computer programs and design websites, too.

Sure enough, the ICT strand will equip you with skills that are highly crucial in the tech field. Do you want to pursue this strand? Check out the list of ICT strand specializations below.

ICT strand specializations
  • Animation (NC II)
  • Broadband Installation (Fixed Wireless Systems) (NC II)
  • Computer Systems Servicing (NC II)
  • Computer Programming (.Net Technology) (NC III)
  • Computer Programming (Java) (NC III)
  • Computer Programming (Oracle Database) (NC III)
  • Computer Systems Servicing (NC II)
  • Contact Center Services (NC II)
  • Illustration (NC II)
  • Medical Transcription (NC II)
  • Technical Drafting (NC II)
  • Telecom OSP and Subscriber Line Installation (NC II)
  • Computer Systems Servicing (NC II)

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Home Economics (HE) Strand

While the ICT strand focuses on technology, the HE strand focuses on livelihood projects such as caregiving, cookery, bartending, baking, handicraft making, tourism, housekeeping, dressmaking, and such. This strand will greatly help students find jobs immediately. These are the HE strand specializations you will get.

HE strand specializations
  • Attractions and Theme Parks Operations with Ecotourism (NC II)
  • Barbering (NC II)
  • Bartending (NC II
  • Beauty/Nail Care (NC II)
  • Bread and Pastry Production (NC II)
  • Caregiving (NC II)
  • Commercial Cooking (NC III)
  • Cookery (NC II)
  • Dressmaking (NC II)
  • Events Management Services (NC III)
  • Fashion Design (Apparel) (NC III)
  • Dressmaking (NC II)
  • Food and Beverage Services (NC II)
  • Front Office Services (NC II)
  • Hairdressing (NC I, NC II, NC III)
  • Handicraft (Non-NC)
  • Housekeeping (NC II)
  • Local Guiding Services (NC II)
  • Tailoring (NC II)
  • Promotion Services (NC II)
  • Travel Services (NC II)
  • Wellness Massage (NC II)

Lots of chances await you after you finish this strand. You can either put up a business or continue to college—the choice is yours.

TVL track: agri-fishery arts strand for senior high school students

Agri-Fishery Arts Strand

Agri-Fishery strand offers subjects that are included in the field productions. These include agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture. Others also include food processing and various material production. Here are the specializations of the Agri-Fishery strand.

Agri-Fishery strand specializations
  • Agricultural Crops Production (NC I, NC II, NC III)
  • Animal Health Care Management (NC III)
  • Animal Production (NC II)
  • Aquaculture (NC II)
  • Artificial Insemination (NC II)
  • Fish Capture (NC II)
  • Fishing Gear Repair and Maintenance (NC III)
  • Fish-Products Packaging (NC II)
  • Fish Wharf Operation (NC I)
  • Horticulture (NC III)
  • Landscape Installation and Maintenance (NC II)
  • Organic Agriculture (NC II)
  • Pest Management (NC II)
  • Rice Machinery Operations (NC II)
  • Rubber Processing and Production (NC II)
  • Slaughtering Operations (NC II)

This strand will help you learn the needed skills when putting up a business. There are also courses related to this strand that you can take such as agriculture, fisheries, forestry, etc. Read on to know more about the last strand under the TVL track.

TVL Track: Industrial Arts Strand for senior high school students

Industrial Arts Strand

The Industrial Arts strand helps students develop their technical skills. These skills are useful for industry jobs, including carpentry, automotive services, electronics, plumbing, welding, and many more. In fact, this strand aims to produce field experts skilled in various technical facets. Furthermore, here are the best specializations of under Industrial Arts strand.

Industrial Arts strand specializations
  • Automotive Servicing (NC I, NC II)
  • Carpentry (NC II, NCIII)
  • Construction Painting (NC II)
  • Driving (NC II)
  • Electric Power Distribution Line Construction (NC II)
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance (NC II)
  • Furniture Making (Finishing) (NC II)
  • Instrumentation and Control Servicing (NC II)
  • Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing (NC II)
  • Machining (NC I, NC II, NC III)
  • Masonry (NC II)
  • Mechatronics Servicing (NC II)
  • Motorcycle/Small Engine Servicing (NC II)
  • Plumbing (NC I, NC II)
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (NC I, NC II)
  • Tile Setting (NC II)
  • Transmission Line Installation and Maintenance (NC II)

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