Four Things You Should Know about Tuition Fee Payments at CIIT

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People are more practical today. With the high cost of living, each wants to get his or her money’s worth. Thus, in choosing where to study, most people worry about the cost of education rather than the school itself. Today’s tech-advents led huge changes to our current educational system. This requires schools, universities, and colleges like CIIT Philippines to upgrade the learning scheme, provide top-notch teaching tactics, and up to date facilities. Fortunately, CIIT Philippines is one of the colleges who took effort in shaping and revamping the education it offers. Besides, tuition fee payments at CIIT offers convenient ways for interested people like you.

For a freshman or a parent who will send a child to college, check tuition fee payments at CIIT Philippines. The tuition fees range from PHP 35,000.00 to PHP 42,000.00 per trimester for college and around PHP 45,000 per semester for Senior High School. The tuition fee payments at CIIT are cheaper, which makes it a great choice for most people aiming for an education they can trust. Get a few hints on how you can distribute your precious budget for education and other needs this school opening.

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What You Should Know About the Tuition Fee Payments at CIIT

What follows below are four facts that students and parents must learn about tuition fees and payment options at CIIT.

1. The school gives 5% discount on fully paid tuition fees.

CIIT gives discounts to enrollees who will pay the full trimester fees by the class opening using any of the payment modes: cash, credit card, check, or bank payment.

2. CIIT has four payment options.

You can pay tuition fees using cash, credit card (MasterCard, and Visa only), check (payable to CIIT College of Arts and Technology, Inc.), and/or bank payment. CIIT offers an online payment system through where you can choose Dragonpay, or VISA and MasterCard for your payment options.

3. CIIT offers lower rates compared to its top rivals.

To give you an idea on this, here is a list of how much you ought to pay for IT-related courses in other schools.

iAcademy, PHP 62, 000 – 69, 000
DLSU, PHP 205, 000 – 225,000
AdMU, PHP 160, 000 – 180, 000
Mapua, PHP 125, 000 – 150,000
FEU, PHP 90, 000 – 110,000
UST, PHP 80, 000 – 120,000
PWU, PHP 110, 000 – 120,000
AMA QC, PHP 60, 000 – 90,000
UE, PHP 76, 000 – 80,000

4. CIIT offers convenient schemes to those who will make partial payments.

College enrollees should pay 40% of the total trimester fees upon enrollment first, and then the remaining 60% shall be divided into two (2) payment deadlines: 30% must be paid before Midterm examinations, and the other 30% must be paid before the Final examinations.

For the Senior high school enrollees, 20% of the total SEMESTER FEES must be paid upon enrollment. And the remaining 80% shall be divided into seven (7) payment deadlines.

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Would you like to take advantage of these exclusive tuition fee price cuts and deals? Enroll at CIIT-Philippines now and enjoy these benefits!

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