Top 4 Software Every College Student Should Have

Top 4 Software Every College Student Should Have

What are the top 10 software every college student should have?

  1. Google Drive
  2. Maya
  3. Evernote
  4. Airtable


  • The article emphasizes the modern shift in college students’ reliance on traditional study methods to digital tools and software. It highlights the importance of having the right applications on laptops to streamline academic responsibilities effectively.
  • Google Workspace emerges as a cornerstone for collaboration and organization, offering tools like Docs and Sheets for document creation and real-time collaboration.
  • Maya facilitates animation and game design pursuits, while Evernote provides a digital platform for note-taking and organization.
  • Airtable simplifies data management and project organization, catering to students across various fields and promoting collaborative learning.

Gone are the days when students just relied on their books and notebooks for their academic life, especially for those going through college admissions. It’s essential today for most students to have their laptops with them at all times. To maximize the use of this, it’s important to have the right tools in them.

Whether you need to develop drawings for your 3D model, create spreadsheets, or simply organize your calendar, software apps simplify processes and help manage academic responsibilities effectively. The key is to find the right ones that will best suit your needs and lifestyle. Here are the top 10 software every college student should have:

Google Workspace

One of the most useful tools that many make use of is Google Workspace. This online platform is the perfect way for students and their teachers to collaborate. There are many things you can do from writing papers to plotting your schedule. Google Workspace serves as a cornerstone in achieving these objectives.

Two of the most useful features are Google Docs and Sheets to effortlessly create, edit, and format documents. This provides them with a user-friendly platform for academic tasks. With real-time collaboration features, they can seamlessly work together on reports and charts.

As students, it can also be difficult to keep up with activities from daily routines to after-school activities. They can make use of Google Calendar to help with scheduling. Google Keep facilitates quick note-taking, and Google Tasks enables the creation of convenient to-do lists. By integrating these tools, students can enhance the organization and efficiency of their activities, effectively balancing academic commitments and social engagements with a positive attitude.

Establishing connections with peers, teachers, and loved ones is essential for students’ well-being. With Google Meet, Chat, and Gmail, you have access to tools for sending emails, conducting video calls, and creating chat groups. These platforms serve as pathways to connect students with the important people in their lives, whether it’s for academic collaboration or nurturing social relationships.



Many students today are interested in animation and game design. Their love for video games and well-crafted movies inspire many of them to pursue their talents. This serves as a comprehensive software for 3D modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering, allowing students to create stunning visual content.

Schools also use this software to learn the fundamental principles of animations, explore character modeling and rigging techniques, and simulate dynamic environments. On top of that, it can be integrated into other software and plug-ins to enhance the capabilities of you aspiring designers so that you can create more diverse and immersive digital experiences


What’s a school without note-taking? Some of you may still prefer the traditional notebook and pens for notes, but others have switched to using their laptops for notes as well. This is where Evernote comes in. It provides a digital platform accessible across devices.

Students can effortlessly organize lecture notes, create to-do lists, and manage study materials. With support for multimedia content and seamless synchronization, Evernote enhances productivity and ensures essential information is always at hand, empowering students to excel in their academic endeavors.



Airtable combines the simplicity of spreadsheets with the versatility of databases. Its user-friendly features make data management a total breeze. From customizable fields like barcodes and formulas to a layout that feels just like your favorite spreadsheet, Airtable is a joy to navigate. Plus, with different permission levels, you can control who gets to see what, keeping your data safe and sound.

No matter your field of study—be it Architecture, Film, Management, or Information Technology—Airtable is your go-to tool for organizing study materials, class schedules, and assignment deadlines. You can easily track your progress, set reminders, and prioritize tasks.

Moreover, Airtable’s collaborative features are perfect for group projects. Students can assign tasks and share resources with team members seamlessly. Comments and notifications further facilitate communication, ensuring everyone stays updated on project developments.

Key Takeaway

These are just some of the top software every college student should have. Equipping yourself with these must-have software applications will undoubtedly streamline your activities and boost productivity.

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