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Top Multimedia Arts Course Subjects Employers Seek in Portfolios

College courses are just names—sometimes smartened up to lure learners. They are almost the same in every school, but they differ in subjects—the core of learning. So, if you are searching for the best school to study, consider the course’s subjects, too.

Do you want to study in schools that could boost your hiring chances? Then, make sure you hunt for these multimedia arts course subjects that most employers seek in resumes or portfolios nowadays.

1. Graphics Illustration

 This subject will help you express your ideas better by honing your design principles and drawing skills. It will not just develop your innate artistry, but also teach you how to use these skills in attaining effective branding and advertising goals.

2. Advanced Image Manipulation

It’s hard not to use Adobe Photoshop these days. Whether you want to enhance a photo, add amazing special effects on the backdrop, or simply create a meme, you would always go to this software for help. Hence, do not wonder if firms track this course down on your application.

3. 3D Special Effects

Many employers prefer job-hunters who can create realistic images and special effects for TV, movies, mobile games, and websites. With everyone seeking thrill and fun via digital devices, the clamor for animated objects and characters coming to life grows stronger.

4. Advertising Design

Firms look for modern ways to entice their target market and reach more prospects. Hence, many current job offers involve the creation of effective campaign tools with layout that attracts buyers.

5. 3D Advance Animation

We see animated pieces getting complex each day—a proof that every industry needs trendy 3D outputs to fulfill people’s demands. Study this subject and you’ll master fluid effects, composites, and facial animation, among others.

6. Data Analysis and Database Design

Information security has always been a serious issue across the corporate world. Hence, many firms hire data analysts and systems designers who can secure data accuracy and storage’s strength.

7. Video Production and Editing

As social media and business marketing advance with clips, the need for video presentations grows, too. But learning this area doesn’t just expose you to online networking and commerce but also to a wide range of other industries.

8. Visual Effects and Compositing

Videos are a hit today and good ones will surely stay for good. If you’re adept at enhancing clips, then make sure you invest on these courses. Get to grips with 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, as well as color correction.

9. Multimedia and Web Development

It’s rare to find firms, who would not look for skilled multimedia artists and web developers. Enroll yourself in any of these subjects and you’ll land on various fields, such as e-publishing, e-commerce, digital marketing, and online learning.

10. Audio Visual

Learning this discipline will further your craft at making videos for media platforms. Through it, you can express to viewers your message clearly—something that every business demands to boost their presence and widen their reach.

11. Photography

The birth of social media and photo-sharing apps gives people a chance to discover a talent. If you’re good at taking pictures, then, you can’t just make it a hobby but a fruitful career.

A piece of advice: do not forget to include any of these subjects and make them your keywords in your resume or portfolio. Put them in the Skills section and mention them in your job details whenever possible. This way, hiring managers will see you as the most qualified person to hold the target post.

If any of these courses interest you, then a multimedia arts course is definitely for you! CIIT, a top local IT-digital art school, offers three fields of specialization in multimedia arts: (1) animation, (2) film/video production, and (3) graphic design. Contact CIIT now for more details about these programs.

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