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Top Mobile Game Development Trends to Watch out for in 2017

Last year, mobile gaming has seen its fair share of shake-ups and growth. This year, the industry expects even bigger changes with the constant evolution of business models and platforms.

Are you eager to know what’s ahead for mobile gaming in 2017? Here’s an outline from CIIT, a mobile game development school in the Philippines.

Mobile Gaming Trend Predictions for 2017

1. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Experts hailed 2016 as the “Year of AR/VR” due to the release of Pokémon GO and VR devices from various tech giants. Looking forward to 2017, the future of mobile VR is much brighter thanks to Google Daydream. Available across multiple devices and with global payments and distribution framework to support IAPs within the VR platform, Daydream is paving the way for mobile VR. It proves that VR does, in fact, have a real home on mobile.

Meanwhile, due to Pokémon GO’s mainstream success, many experts see AR as a breeding ground for noteworthy projects. They expect to see more AR-induced games and location-based ads as a new moneymaking strategy this 2017.

2. Customizing Features

Many experts see customization as one of the best ways to engage users in a gaming product, too. To make games more addictive and saleable, they advise that developers must provide players endless options to personalize their gaming experience. They say many gamers find this feature appealing because they can see how their input can help them own the gaming moment. 

3. Freemium Model

Contrary to common backlash against Clash of Clans, this app is one of the best examples of how a “freemium” gaming model can be effective. In this product, you only need to pay for certain in-game content. Though many have argued about the long-term viability of free-to-play type games, success stories still exists. Many specialists believe “freemium” games will continue to grow this year as developers have already replicated this exact model in various forms.

4. Multichannel Access

Just like how bright lights attract bugs, the latest gaming fads will draw people’s interest, too. Thus, it helps if developers could go beyond usual mobile gaming platforms and design and develop cross-platform gaming at the outset.

Rather than pursuing aggressive schemes to outperform other old-style gaming channels, experts suggest developing multichannel apps as they could further strengthen the device’s relevance. Furthermore, the fame of cross-platform apps is growing open-endedly, as more people prefer to stream their mobile games from their smartphones to their laptops and others. Also, such feature will prove to be vital in taking gaming experience to greater heights. 

5. Indie-Integration

The mobile gaming industry has emerged to be one of the biggest platforms in the world. And with a large market to serve, indie studios and game developers would still find it easy to create their own niche market this 2017. In addition, many indie studios have outshone larger mobile gaming firms in creativity and innovation. However, as only a few indie game developers are able to succeed and sustain their operations, many industry experts suggest indie studios to consider marketing strategies at the onset. They must define their target crowd and check on various tactics to make their presence more visible.

6. Retro Revolution

Most experts agree that the decision to revive old, classic games with updated graphics and gaming mechanic is a wise move. Aside from bringing the good memories back, this is a great way to revive certain game franchises. Younger audience now will also have the chance to enjoy and experience what their parents or older siblings played in their early years. 

Besides providing you with the best tools and instructors, top mobile game development school, CIIT, aims to update you with the latest trends in the industry, too. To learn more on the specialist courses we offer, you may contact us at 411-1196 loc 802 or 807 or send your e-mails to workshops@ciit.edu.ph.

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