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Top Four Misconceptions Related to Software Engineering

As software engineering (SE) remains one of the most enrolled courses in college, more and more myths that baffle many students also arise. Before you enroll at CIIT, one of the finest software engineering schools in the Philippines, we will examine first the myths in this field.

Myth #1: SE is the same as software development (SD).

The truth: An obvious link exists between SE and SD, but they do not always refer to the same stuff. SD focuses more on software making and, once done, SE works on the software systems. In the world of learning however, schools offer SD courses at the Associate or Bachelor’s level, while SE courses are available at the Bachelor or Master’s levels.

Likewise, SE courses are longer and more comprehensive. As for the job outlook, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 32% increase in SE jobs while SD jobs will decline by 3% from 2008 to 2018.

Myth #2: SE differs much from Computer Science (CS).

The truth: A major connection clearly exists between CS and SE. SE takes CS and fuses it with engineering principles. It centers more on usage than on theory in contrast to CS, but it still holds science concepts. Today, other CS programs have borrowed from the newer SE field, but you will also find its courses embedded in many CS programs.

Myth #3: SE involves needless recording that slows down software projects.

The truth: SE produces quality at every software project level. Thus, recording the project will enhance the results’ quality; thus, lessening the chances for and extent of rework.

Myth #4: SE is like other branches of engineering.

The truth: SE also uses several engineering terminologies: building software, requirements, specifications, procedures, maintenance, and other similar words. These terms offer you a model of how you ought to view the SD practice while metaphor assumes an active role in your thought system.

On a larger scale, you observe the tension on the document and planning-driven life cycle models from the SE engineering part and methods that highlight human aspects in SD. Likewise, merging the qualities of both areas seems a major challenge. This not merely holds true for the state of the practice, but moreover for the learning environment where students focus on the engineering view of the SD world.

Are you looking for more details on software engineering? CIIT, one of the top software engineering schools in the Philippines, offers more information on the SE course. Visit its web site, www.ciit-ph.com, for other details.

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