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Top 5 Challenges Facing Mobile App Dev’t School Students in 2016

Life of a mobile application developer is tough. Thus, before you leave your mobile app development school, prepare for the challenges that await you. Here, we listed the top challenges developers face today and the solutions that will work in your favor. Read to learn more.

1. Funding

Mobile app development is pricey. It costs more than it does to record and release a song; preventing developers to step forward and pursue their dream.

Solution: Before you seek help from investors, try to apply for loans, request aid from your friends, or consider joint-venture firms ready to invest in your app. Visit online platforms, too, such as AppBackr and Kickstarter. They give great starting points in fundraising.

2. Fragmentation

This refers to the developers’ “failure to write once and run anywhere.” Today’s mobile market uses a wide variety of devices; ranging from smartphones and tablets to wearables. Though this seems to be good news for app developers, it’s actually not. The complexity of development increases because each of these devices has different specifications. They vary in the platform, screen parameters, memory size, input mode, processing power, optional app programming interface (API), API standards, connectivity options, among others.

Solution: Design an app that can work on hundreds of devices and platforms. Make it universal as much as possible.

3. App Performance and Battery Life

Aside from the usual aesthetics, developers must ensure as well that the app they create is bug-free. It must perform well and run with minimal battery usage. Sadly, though some apps would work well on newer phones, some would not especially in older versions.

Solution: Design an app with many features, interactions, and high-quality visuals. But make sure it goes easy on the memory and the battery.

4. Security

Gartner, the world’s leading technology research and advisory firm, recently advised companies to “focus on fixing the vulnerabilities they know exist.” This was after predicting that 99 percent of security issues they will experience are the same ones they’ve been facing. As such, today’s developers should confirm that the firewall system of their app is accurate.

Solution: Make sure your app has a server-side validation, proper authentication plans, and encryption of crucial data. Make your security flexible and different from one another. For instance, the level of security you need for an online display shop differs completely from that of a banking app.

5. Development Technology

Mobile app development can be native or hybrid. Developers build native apps for a specific platform (e.g. Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, and Window’s Window Phone or Blackberry). It offers better user experience and superior app performance if you design and develop it within an operating system. But, you need to develop apps for each platform, which is time-consuming and pricey.

A developer can make a hybrid mobile app via HTML5 and install it in any mobile device. Developing this type cut the time to build and market apps across many platforms. Yet, this app can lag in performance and will make you sacrifice a few crucial features.

Solution: When choosing what type of app to create, remember to select the best one. Wrong choice may cause poor app performance, poor user experience, and useless expenses. Study your target market and their preferred mobile vendors so you’ll end up with the best development technology. 

Overwhelmed by these challenges? You sure can weather the storm. Study hard in your mobile app development school and gain the experience vital for your future mobile app releases.

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