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Top 10 Skills to Learn from a Multimedia Arts School in 2015

Are you hoping to join and conquer the stiff race in the IT field this year? Prepare yourself and take up in-demand and relevant courses in a multimedia arts school like CIIT! Include these top 10 skills in your bucket list to secure a better job this 2015.

1. Program and App Development

Software is the heart of modern IT. From internal systems that control key functions to front-end apps that assist sales and order tracking, better software means better business.

2. Project Management

There will always be a need for smart people who can manage and deliver complex projects within a given time. What’s more, this tough job also comes with a great pay.

3. Technical Support

The demand for tech supports is a result of I.T.’s increasing role in refining products and services. Verbal and written skills, time management, and client support are the keys to succeed in this field.

4. Information Security

Many experts expect the demands in this field to increase as more and more devices go online. If you know how to help protect those devices and the networks where they operate, then expect to get a good-paying job all the time.

5. Web Development

Visit job sites and portals so you could witness the rising demand for web developers. E-commerce will continue to explode as more businesses launch their own web sites and existing firms enhance their pages online.

6. Database Administration

As many businesses continue to amass various information, workforce demand for skilled admins will also flourish. For better chances of landing a DBA post, you should know how to use one or more of the leading database management systems.

7. Analytics

Soft skills like creative problem solving and effective presentation will be vital and in demand in the coming years. Besides mastering the skill of thinking outside the box, these people can help uncover hidden gems within the data, too.

8. Mobile and Device Development

As handheld gadgets continue to update the way people work and play, the demand for mobile skills will increase. The need is highest for Android and iOS experts, as these two platforms power most of our devices today.

9. Networking

Mobile gadgets will still rule the market, so the need for network experts with the skills to design, carry out, and secure wireless devices will also step up.

10. Big Data

In an effort to convert the growing info stores into usable data, firms in every industry will ramp up big data hiring in 2015.

So if you want to get hold of the best job in the IT field, be sure to equip yourself with any of these skills. Visit the web site of one of the best multimedia arts school in the Philippines at www.ciit-ph.com to learn more.