Tips for Choosing Between BSCS and BSEMC

So you’re interested in getting into the innovative world of technology? In today’s tech world, you can create new multiverses for entertainment game development or change everyday lives by creating apps and software–the possibilities are definitely endless. 

Before anything else, you need to decide what type of tech innovator you want to be: programmer or game developer. In some aspects, these roles are essentially the same. However, there are major differences that you should be aware of.

Game development in a nutshell

From aesthetics to world-building, non-player characters to gameplay, game developers are in charge of creating worlds that make players experience a whole different life. Game developers are also responsible for other aspects of game development, such as visualizing and setting up a project’s direction, sound engineering, environment creation, and character design among many others.

Thus, becoming a game developer may be the perfect fit if you’re passionate about helping people experience new lives and enjoyment through entertainment. Moreover, you might also have a competitive edge in the game industry if you seek challenges and consistent collaboration with others since creating games takes a lot of time and effort from combined expertise. If you think you’re a perfect fit, consider taking a Bachelor of Entertainment and Multimedia Computing (BSEMC) program.

Programming 101

If you have a passion for problem-solving and innovation, computer science may be the exciting challenge you need. As technology continues to drive the world into the future, the opportunities for computer scientists are endless. From creating mobile apps, websites, and software to even game development and AI, studying computer science can open up many doors for you–you just need to choose which field you’re more passionate about.

Computer scientists should have a good knowledge of mathematics, computer programming, and coding languages. Keeping up with the latest technologies and advances can be challenging, but it can be an incredibly rewarding (and lucrative) journey. 

Should you become a programmer or game developer? 

Now that you’re aware of the key differences between these roles, should you choose to become a programmer or game developer? The choice you make can impact your future significantly. That’s why you should consider these tips before making your final decision

Ask yourself what your passion is

It may be a given that you’re passionate about video gaming. However, you should determine what aspect of video games you love the most. Do you want to create new worlds from scratch, or are you more interested in coding to ensure every person using technology has a great experience? Knowing what aspect of computers excites you can help determine what side you should be involved in. 

Assess what skills you possess

Examining your talents and interests is crucial when thinking about a career in computer science or game development. Strong problem-solving abilities and the capacity to pick up new programming languages fast are prerequisites for both professions, but the specific skills required vary. While game development entails producing interesting and interactive digital experiences, computer science primarily focuses on constructing software and technological systems. 

Computer science can be the appropriate choice for you if you like solving challenging technological puzzles and have a good background in math since you’ll be dealing with multiple programming languages such as Java, C#, C++, Python, and more. On the other hand, game development can be a great choice if you love design and have a creative attitude because game development not only entails programming but other aspects as well, such as 3D modeling and animation, scriptwriting, sound engineering, and programming among others. 

While you can hone your computer science and game development skills at school, you need to reflect on what skills you already have. To become competent in both careers, you should have a good understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Although they have similarities, programmers and game developers have completely different careers in the world of technology.

Consider entering design or development competitions

You never know what it’s like to be a programmer or game developer until you’ve experienced what it’s like first-hand. Joining competitions enables you to build your portfolio while giving you a glimpse of what your future might be like in the ‘real’ tech industry. Explore hackathons or even start your own events with friends and acquaintances that share the same interests.

Determining if you’re more of a programmer or game developer 

Following these tips gives you a better idea if you’re more suitable to become a programmer or game developer. The choice is up to you, but this isn’t a simple decision. Fortunately, you can get a glimpse of the world of tech innovations by studying in a respected academic institution that specializes in honing minds for the professional world. 
CIIT Philippines provides aspiring programmers and video game developers with high-quality education so you are ready for what tomorrow brings. Our goal is to help young minds realize their full potential and be prepared to reach for their dreams. Explore our various computer programs, including the BSEMC program, the BSIS program, and the BSCS program, to help you figure out the perfect path for you.

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