Time Management for Busy Students: Strategies for Getting More Done

Attending school full-time means additional responsibilities for students. While you can save money and time on transportation, juggling school and home obligations can be challenging. That’s why time management for students is relevant, especially now.

Even if you’re already going to campus for all your classes, having time management skills as a student allows you to learn practical lessons you can apply when you’re in the professional world. 

Practical tips for time management for students

You can enjoy a healthy school-life balance once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of time management for students. 

Create a calendar

You won’t be surprised if you have a calendar with all the important dates lined up. This is a vital element for time management for students as you can jot all your deadlines, exams, social events, and other crucial dates. You can have a physical calendar or a digital one. There are plenty of free apps you can maximize to ensure you’re always on top of your schedule. 

Set reminders

After you’ve created a calendar, you should set reminders so you don’t forget anything urgent or upcoming. Knowing deadlines is vital for students, but you should be aware of the micro-tasks needed to meet those deadlines. For example, you can set alarms on your phone, write them down on your planner, or create an alert in your digital calendar. 

Build a personalized schedule

Every student has their own way of managing their studies so it’s vital for students to figure out what kind of schedule works for them. Consider your personal rhythm, and strive to strike a balance between your school and personal obligations. If you have entrepreneurial ventures, you should also make time for them. 

Determine the tools that work for you

There is no universal style for time management for students. You should figure out which organizational tools fit your preferences and lifestyle. Some students prefer going old school with planners and paper, while others prefer going digital. You can even try a mix of both if that’s best for you.

Prioritize accordingly

Sometimes, there is so much to do in so little time. In these instances, you should take the time to assess your priorities. Time management for students includes the ability to decipher which deadlines are most urgent. If you struggle to fit everything into your schedule, determine which tasks you can turn down or delay. 

Make time for yourself. Time management for students doesn’t just mean getting all your schoolwork done on time. It also means ensuring you have time to prioritize yourself and your mental health. You should make time to do what makes you happy and spend time with people you care about. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

No man is an island, and time management for students doesn’t mean you have to take on the world alone. If you’re a worker or part-time worker, you shouldn’t be scared to ask for help from your co-workers or boss. You shouldn’t be afraid to seek advice from your teachers, family, or schoolmates. Other people can be helpful for accountability. They can remind you of anything urgent if they know your schedule.

Creating a time management strategy with CIIT

Time management for students can be incredibly useful, especially if you want to pursue entrepreneurship in the Philippines someday. If you’re going to thrive in your personal and student life, you should immerse yourself in a community of innovators that promote healthy school-life balance.

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