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Three Ways PH Private Groups Can Help Enforce the K-12 Curriculum

Success of the country’s new 13-year basic education scheme relies not on the government’s efforts alone. Even with DepEd, CHEd, TESDA, and other agencies that promote education, the government still needs help from private groups. As much as other reform initiatives, the shift to the K to 12 program is challenging. What is even maddening is that it got countless negative criticisms.

Looking back at a few points in the history of the country, private groups play a vital role in boosting local education. In fact, a republic act encourages this group to join in nation building by educating Filipinos.

Now, the question is, how can private groups help achieve the goals of the new education scheme?

Ways to Help

DepEd Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro himself gave three ways through which private groups can help enforce the K-12 program.

1.) Find programs for and join DepEd in offering them to senior high school learners

Since senior high school will involve tracks to help students master specific fields, private groups can arrange with DepEd’s regional/divisional offices in choosing programs the locality’s needs.

Offering of tracks will not depend on the students’ interest or passion alone but as well on local needs, open resources, and schools’ capacity.

2.) Support DepEd in pushing for good governance

Luistro discouraged competition among private groups and instead requested reform support so that great initiatives will not lose their impact on the people and the country.

One of the best ways to support DepEd is to help build classrooms. Private groups can find opportunities by investing in the construction and maintenance of classrooms and schools.

3.) Boost the Adopt-a-School program

Private institutions (partners) can donate through DepEd’s Adopt-a-School program, in exchange of recognition and tax incentive privilege (a 150 percent tax rebate for donations).

Donations will cover the schools’ needs to promote quality instruction and good learning environment. In addition, portions of the funds will make education accessible to the widest extent.

Private groups can show their vital roles that will help improve learning in the country.

Despite being a challenge to every Filipino, offering an education method that aligns with global standards is yet a good reason for fiscal growth. Someday, young generations will see why this program is worth the pain.

CIIT offers three specialized tracks for senior high school: animation, media and visual arts, and programming.

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