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The Top 8 Careers in Computer Animation

When you hear the word ‘animation,’ the first thing that pops in your mind is probably cartoons. While a lot of people do aspire and even end up working to create unforgettable cartoon projects, did you know there are other career opportunities for people who have an Animation degree

Yes, graduates of an Animation school have a lot of job options to choose from. As an industry that was expected to grow to $270 billion in 2020, there is a lot of potential for people in the animation industry not only to lead successful and fulfilling professional lives but to make a lot of money at the same time. And guess what? Animation school graduates are not even limited to working in that industry alone!

In this article, we’ll be delving into some of the top career options graduates of an Animation course have. While some of them are involved in the animation industry, there are job opportunities outside the realm of making cartoons. Basically, this piece will give aspiring Animation degree holders a glimpse of their future should they pursue this professional path:

1. Cartoon Animator

being a cartoon animator is possibly the most popular profession for students with animation degrees

Quite possibly the most popular profession in the animation industry, this person is a storyteller that creates drawings, either by hand or through digital tools and piece them all together to tell a cohesive narrative. He usually works in the motion picture or advertising business. If you’re looking to create your very own Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse, this might just be the job for you. 

2. Animation Technical Director 

This person is in charge of providing support to their team of artists. Fundamentally, he is the one who should keep track of the latest technology in the world of animation as well as the latest projects of competing competitors. In addition to this, this professional needs to be in the loop with the newest trends in the industry in order to equip his team with everything they need to deliver the best animation projects possible. 

3. Graphic Artist

People with an animation degree can become graphic designers

A highly creative professional endeavor, this person is tasked to use his artistic juices and technical proficiency to turn ideas into output that inspire, compel and inform the target audience. While a lot of graphic artists develop cartoon projects, this professional also has the capability to develop the overall layout and designs of creative projects such as magazines, brochures, reports, and advertising materials. 

4. Video Game Designer

Have you ever wondered who makes the amazing graphics of your favorite video game? Well, these are video game designers. A video game designer writes the code in order to make video characters come to life. He’s in charge of making sure video game players can control their chosen character’s movements, as well as orchestrate the design of the overall game. Basically, he’s the person who helps kill zombies and kicking butt on your PlayStation or Xbox possible. 

5. Animation Lighting Artist

the animation lighting artist is in charge of ensuring the lighting of each scene fits the mood of a certain scene

In digital animation, lighting plays an important element as it adds to the strength of a character or setting. This person is in charge of ensuring the lighting of each scene in a project is coherent and fits the mood of a certain scene. In a way, this person is like the director of photography in a digital set. 

6. Art Director

Like a maestro in an orchestra, this person makes sure everyone else does their jobs on time and according to the brief. Fundamentally, he’s tasked to supervise and unify the vision of an artistic vision and make sure it’s developed into a finished product. An art director is not limited to animated projects. He can work for advertising agencies, television projects, movies, or even digital media. 

7. 3D Artist 

3d artists are tasked with creating three-dimensional models, animations, and visual effects

This person is tasked with creating three-dimensional models, animations, and visual effects that will be used in different ways for a project. He’s in charge of making special effects that match the creative briefs given by clients or upper management. 

8. Illustrator

This professional is in charge of creating two-dimensional images for various companies and industries. This person uses various techniques in order to create effects, such as the richness of color, or the strategic use of shadows and light. It’s a highly creative endeavor, yet it requires a certain skill set in order to deliver the final product. 

These jobs are only some of the career options Animation degree holders can pursue should they embark on a professional path related to their course. Before you dive into the professional world, however, you need to educate yourself with the skill sets required to perform competently in the world of animation. A great institution to learn the ins and outs of animation is CIIT Philippines. 

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