collaboration in game development

The Impact of Proper Collaboration in Game Development Projects

Collaboration in game development is essential because it involves plenty of developers to create outstanding projects.

It takes hard work and collaboration in game development projects to turn visions into playable titles. When you’re working in the real world, collaboration in game development is essential because it involves plenty of developers to create outstanding projects. 

Back in the early days of computer gaming, it was normal for development teams to have a handful of members. Now that games have become more complex, tasks are divided among up to 40 people. Hence, collaboration in game development isn’t just something you need in school. You need to learn how to work with others in the professional arena. 

Examples of excellent collaboration in game development 

collaboration in game development

Here are some examples of exceptional collaboration in game development as displayed by our students:

Running Home 

collaboration in game development

Running Home was considered one of the best three games at CIIT’s Global Game Jam event in 2019. This brilliant project was a demonstration of the entertainment and multimedia computing skills of CIITizens Madel Andanar and Arianne Sapalaran.

The objective of Running Home is straightforward. Every player aims to get home before the other player does and with haste. This is a fun strategy title for playing with your friends and letting your competitive side shine. You can play Running Home with your family and friends through this link.

The Last Transmission: Home 

collaboration in game development

Another by-product of the Global Game Jam event at CIIT is The Last Transmission: Home. This title was considered one of the best three games featured at the event. The Last Transmission: Home is the project of CIITizens JM Camacho, Bille Janssen Lagarde, Yiohan Catubag, Jine Yap, Royd Ville Francisco, Hillary Camille Bugayong, Jennaleigh Angala, and RV Santiago III. What makes this title unique is that it is a special collaboration between students and professors. 

In The Last Transmission: Home, players are given a chance to play astronauts whose main objective is to find their way home after being lost in space. This out-of-this-world game lets you fly through asteroid fields and various celestial bodies. You can play The Last Transmission: Home via this link

Armed and Leggy

collaboration in game development

Developed during Syntax’s Game Jam, Armed and Leggy was one of the Finalists of the Game in 2022 – Student Track. This particular project was a collaborative effort between Josef Randall Escarcha, Matthew Ramos, and Ron Vincent Henri Sison.

Armed and Leggy is a 2D puzzle rage game where two players can play just as arms and legs. The players aim to get out of the room by playing a puzzle. You can try playing Armed and Leggy yourself by clicking on this link. 


collaboration in game development

Another notable project that demonstrated the impact of collaboration in game development is Kawit. Spearheaded by Entertainment and Multimedia Computing students Maria Elizah Dominique Pascua, Nathaniel Ruiz, and Angelico Josef Vasquez, Kawit was awarded the Best Capstone Project during the 2022 graduation ceremony. 

Kawit is an educational game that aims to teach young players typing and the Filipino language. It’s a great collaboration in game development to share with kids and foreigners who want to learn Filipino in a fun and engaging manner. You can try Kawit yourself by clicking this link

Collaboration in game development and beyond

collaboration in game development

These collaborations in game development projects are only some examples of how teamwork can create wonders in video games. If you wish to develop your games with others in the future, consider enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing program. This is the best program to unleash your game development skills. 

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