Ten Tactics Art Students Can Do to Beat Procrastination

Have you been honing your procrastination skills along with your artistic abilities? What a waste of time! Quit doing such futile things. Beat procrastination by following these tips from one of the leading multimedia arts course schools in the country, CIIT Philippines.

1. Set your daily goals.

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Keep a record of your daily targets. While you may restrict your items to three, you may list more depending on the number of goals you wish to achieve. Set a limit for yourself and work on each item until you finish them. 

2. Break down your large projects into smaller tasks.

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A big project can be overwhelming but if you break it down into small, concrete tasks, it will be more doable.

3. Set deadlines for yourself.

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Setting targets and due dates will urge you to go on with your tasks until you pull them off. To be more effective with it, however, you must make your deadlines and goals public. Tell a friend about them to hold yourself accountable for every missed commitment.

4. Ignore the distractions.

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Turn off your cellphone and other gadgets, stay away from Facebook, Twitter, and other time wasters, and check your email once or twice a day only.

5. Find new ways to challenge yourself.

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Monotony will bore you and make you less productive and creative. When things become tedious, you may start doing things outside of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to try out a new technique, work with an unfamiliar medium, or attend an art workshop. 

6. Accomplish the most important task during your peak time of the day.

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If you’re a morning person, plan your schedules first thing in the morning. However, for night owls, wait until your creativity strikes before starting your project.

7. Know when to delegate.

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You can’t do everything by yourself. Prioritize the things only you can do and delegate the other tasks and responsibilities to your aides or teammates.

8. Work every day on your project.

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Persistence is crucial for artists, and a constant commitment is essential to succeed. Commit to doing something on your project every day, even if that activity is merely making a phone call or creating a list.

9. Reward yourself when you finish a task.

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Celebrate when you finish a tough project. Give yourself credit for a job well done and treat yourself to something special.

10. Get up and move.

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One of the best ways to beat procrastination is to change your scenery. Instead of sitting in front of your computer all day, get up, jog in place, do some push-ups, or move until your frame of mind changes.

Bonus tip: Allow yourself to procrastinate!

If all else fails, you can at least use your procrastination effectively. If you’ve decided to put off a certain project, make sure you’re not just sitting and twiddling your fingers. Use your time to complete your tax return, update your website, or find new networking prospects. If you really can’t stop procrastinating, at least use it to your advantage.

Procrastination only has power if you allow it control you. If you make a firm and unshakable decision to achieve something, it doesn’t even stand a chance.

For more productivity tips, check out our blogs page. You may also learn more about the multimedia arts specialist program of CIIT, one of the country’s top multimedia arts course schools, by browsing through our site.

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