Ten Secrets to Taking Stunning Instagram Photos

Taking great Instagram photographs is a tough job. If you want to improve the quality of your Instagram uploads, impress your followers, and get more likes, follow these ten expert tips.

1. Plan your picture taking.

photography short course: plan your picture taking

Just as in shooting a film, capturing a good image for Instagram needs planning, too. Right location, proper lighting, and correct angle are important in capturing great pictures.

2. Don’t use the Instagram camera to take pictures.

photography short course: instagram camera

Instagram doesn’t have useful tools such as the grid feature of your phone camera that helps you compose your images better. In addition, don’t confine yourself to that minute square, which can be limiting.

3. Take a bunch of pictures.

photography short course: bunch pictures

This will give you the chance to choose the best image afterward.

4. Shoot from different angles.

photography short course: different angles

Don’t let your feet and tripod glue you to one spot, instead prepare for a few walks, bends, climbs, and turns. Likewise, work with perspective and your pictures will thank you for it.

5. Say “no” to zoom.

photography short course: zoom

Whether you’re taking photographs of people or animals, get near them because it adds emotion and intimacy to your work.

6. Get the right composition.

photography short course: right composition

Use the lines on the screen when you turn on your camera because they divide the display into thirds both vertically and horizontally. The rule of thirds will create more interest and energy if you place your theme at their intersections or along the lines.

7. Use natural light instead of the camera’s flash.

photography short course: natural light

In taking pictures, go outside or near a window and avoid bright sunlight (if possible) because it will have the same effects as a flash.

8. Mind the surroundings.

photography short course: sorroundings

Always scan the location of your shots before shooting to find the colors that don’t fit with the image such as clashing bright lines and patches and eye distractions.

9. Edit before you filter.

photography short course: edit

Edit the image before you filter it because contrast and brightness effects can make your photographs appear sharper and more natural.

10. Buy an extra lens for your phone camera.

photography short course: lens

If you’re serious about your Instagram images, buy a lens to put on your camera. Most firms make them now; thus, research and find the one that suits your style.

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