Ten Must-Develop Skills to Become a Great Motion Designer

Do you aspire to become an expert motion designer someday? First, you must develop the right competencies to secure a spot in the industry. Here, top Bachelor of Multimedia Arts school in the Philippines, CIIT, has listed the skills that will push you to the next level and let you excel in your job. Read to discover.

1. Graphic Design

graphic design: BA multimedia arts school Philippines

Since motion design involves “bringing graphic elements to life through animation,” you need to acquire the essential drawing skills to do your job well. Your ability to create original sketches based on your own concepts will help you push your work to a higher level.

2. Traditional Art

traditional: BA multimedia arts school Philippines

Your experience in traditional art will help you convey your ideas to your audience better. In fact, you will find it easier to express your ideas on a paper than on a computer, especially because the latter doesn’t always guarantee a positive result.

3. 3D Design

3d design: BA multimedia arts school Philippines

3D elements rule the motion design world today. You’ll find them in television show titles, logos, posters, and ads, among others. As a motion designer, you must possess such skill to keep up with the changing industry. Likewise, expanding your 3D design knowledge will give you further opportunities and better outputs.

4. Animation

animation: BA multimedia arts school Philippines

Motion design is more than just knowing how to set key frames; you need to have a strong foundation in animation, too. Thus, the principle of animation does not apply solely to character animators, but also to aspiring motion designers like you.

5. Creativity

creativity: BA multimedia arts school Philippines

Besides knowing how to animate, you must also be good at generating your own ideas and presenting them in the most effective way possible. If you are creative enough, you don’t need to worry about having insufficient details on the project. You can make best use of simple ideas and produce the best outputs out of your ingenuity.

6. Originality

originality: BA multimedia arts school Philippines

It’s easy to follow trends and jump on a style that everyone else is using. However, since your work resembles the rest, people won’t notice it. So, develop a signature style and make each project memorable. Come up with a unique concept or style and imprint it in the minds of your audience.

7. Color Theory

color theory: BA multimedia arts school Philippines

As a would-be motion designer, you must learn the color theory and understand the different feelings and moods each color conveys to the audience. Ponder what color you must use to decide the right color scheme your motion design needs.

8. Typography

typography: BA multimedia arts school Philippines

Typography is one of the driving forces behind a design. Fonts help convey the product, service, or business to the desired target market. To be excellent at typography, you need to identify with these elements and decide on the best type that can go well with your design.

9. Technical

technical: BA multimedia arts school Philippines

Motion design requires computers. Thus, you must learn how to operate these current and emerging technologies. Master the numerous programs you need and you’ll excel in the industry in no time.

10. Communication

communication: BA multimedia arts school Philippines

An excellent motion design always starts with a clear message between the designer and his/her client. Since your clients are not typically designers, convey your ideas to them in a way that they can understand.

Would you like to be a top motion designer? CIIT, a Bachelor of Multimedia Arts school in the Philippines, can equip you with the right skills and knowledge to be an expert in the field. Its Bachelor of Multimedia Arts degree offers three specializations: Animation, Film/Video Production, and Graphic Design. Download CIIT’s college brochure for more details. For more interesting blogs, visit this site.


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