Ten Local Firms that Hire Game Development Graduates

Do you worry about your future if you take up a degree in Computer Science with specialization in Game Development and Mobile Technologies in the Philippines?

Though undeniably a young degree program, this course offers a great number of jobs for its graduates. In the Philippines alone, top local animation firms hunt for creative, talented, and passionate animators who can join their teams.

Below is a list of local animation firms that hire BS EMC alumni:

  • Top Peg Animation – The firm, which started in 1996, has remained a stable studio in the country. In fact, it continues to be a major player in the animation industry. Top Peg has been working on various in-house and international animation projects.
  • Tuldok Animation – This company believes animation is more than a medium of expression and entertainment. A non-profit group created in 2005 with a purpose to form an industry of Filipino animations, Tuldok believes in the power of animation as a good career option.
  • Cutting Edge Production – This Makati-based animation studio has carved a good reputation in both 2D and 3D animations. Its works are world-class. It was the first to use animation and storyboard software for animation studios and media publishers.
  • Toei Animation Phils., Inc. – This firm, a subsidiary of Japan-based Toei Animation Co. Ltd., started operations in the Philippines in 1987. It has an exclusive contract with the mother company for the production of animated outputs for films, TV series, and clips.
  • Ladyluck Digital Media – A division of Game Services Group, Inc., this firm has been known for its game art services. It has worked with big names like Sega, Disney, Sony, WB, and many others.
  • Synergy 88 Studios – This firm provides animation for video games, animated TV shows, and feature films. Apart from animation, it also offers digital content and rendering services. It has divisions for mobile gaming and app development.
  • Stream Engine Studios – This Ortigas-based digital media production company excels in producing short animated explainer videos. They help businessmen explain their products, processes, and policies by “telling stories through animation.”
  • Snipple Animation Studios – Founded in 2011, this company specializes in producing 2D and 3D animation for digital media, television, features, gaming, and ads. Among its top clients include Atlantyca Entertainment, Disney XD, Nickelodeon, and Slap Happy.
  • Toon City Animation – This Emmy award-winning and Mandaluyong-based animation studio has been in the business since 1993. Besides creating animated TV series and direct-to-video films for Walt Disney Company and its DisneyToon Studios division, it has also produced commercials and some direct-to-video projects for Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, and Cinegroupe.

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