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Ten Job Options for Digital Painting and Sculpture Graduates

Are you planning to study fine arts but still unsure where it will take you? Do not worry! CIIT is here to guide you. If you want to major in painting and sculpture that offers both traditional and digital methods, these can be your job options.

1. Airbrush Painters

– use compressed air paint sprayers or computer software. They paint on surfaces such as shirts, cars, and human faces.

2. Caricaturists

– draw overstated portraits of a person’s unique facial, body, and personality features. Most of them are freelancers, though others work in publications.

3. Concept Artists

– help designers create visuals to spell out ideas for props, costumes, and visual effects. They often create several forms of drawings using different styles and colors until they match the desired design or layout.

4. Courtroom Artists

– draw pictures of a trial when the court does not let cameras inside the courtroom. They must be quick in sketching and can capture the expressions, gestures, and the mood of the court proceedings.

5. Toy Designers

– specialize in creating attractive, functional, and age-appropriate toys. They may design and make toys to sell on their own, work as in-house designers, or trade their work to toy firms.

6. Art Teacher

– whether for children or adults, they teach courses including, but not confined to, painting, sculpting, and sketching. They show the methods and techniques to their students and assess their works to gauge their progress and suggest ways to improve.

7. Sculptors

– use diverse techniques and materials to mold and create stunning 3D works-of-art. Methods include carving, clay shaping, whittling, or chiseling while materials are stone, wood, ice, concrete, marble, bronze, gold, and plaster.

8. Jewelry Designers

– design and often create jewelry using materials such as gold, silver, and precious stones. Others still prefer paper and pen sketching, but most are now using computer software.

9. Typographers

– create signature fonts and styles for newspapers, ads, graphic novels, blogs, and other publications.

10. Art Curators

– collect artworks, organize them for exhibition, and keep them safe and preserved. Most of them work in museums, historic sites, botanical gardens, and art galleries.

CIIT offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts that focuses on visual communication or digital painting and sculpture. For details, you may go to our web site or contact us at 411-1196 or 413-1139.

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Photo credit: vancouverfilmschool via VisualHunt.com / CC BY

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