Ten Design Trends that Are Changing the Web in 2015

Do you need fresh and effective ideas for your next web project? Make sure you update yourself with the industry’s newest layouts and designs. Here are 10 of the latest trends in web design that Philippine firms and web site owners should embrace this 2015.

1. Large Background Images

The era of cheesy and fake-looking stock photos are now over for real images are starting to take over. Along with large fonts and subtle parallax effects, real photos connect more with the audience in a unique way.

2. Video Backgrounds

Full-screen video backgrounds have gained popularity among web users and designers following the increase of Internet speed and rise of HTML5. It has become famous with its vast options of 3D graphics and HD videos and impression of real-life experience.

3. Personal Branding

Using personal photos and adding some credibility through press lists, interviews, published contents, and success stories can do wonders in personalizing your brand.

4. Mobile First Approach

As the number of mobile users now outgrow those who are using desktop computers, many designers focus on developing user-responsive templates and designs that are compatible with tablet and mobile devices. To make sure your web layout fits in, see to it your site is simple, accessible, and mobile-friendly.

5. Grid-Based Design

Cards or grid-based design is nothing new in the web design scene. But it is starting to attract more designers for it is reusable, responsive, and eye-catching.

6. Single-Page Design

Due to the changing browsing patterns on the Web, a lot of people now prefer to scroll than click on links. This gave birth to single-page web sites, a design that fits all necessary contents on one page and gives users better user experience.

7. Material/Flat Design

Because of its clean and organized layout, designers are hooked on this web design that focuses more on the content combined with flat color scheme and stunning images.

8. Split Screen Landing Pages

This design allows web site owners to display two or more prominent elements of their web site on the landing page to give the site a more orderly and organized feel.

9. Fixed Headers

Fixed headers are cool effects made with basic CSS properties. Some headers remain static at the top of the screen while others collapse the header as the user scrolls.

10. Clean Concept

The clean or “white space” concept, like Google’s search page, makes its way to this list due to its visually pleasing look. Its ample space allows all web elements to breathe, making it simple, functional, and very easy to use.

Trends, especially in web design, adapt to people’s actions and technological developments so you can expect it to evolve with each passing year. If you want to learn these trends and keep updated, enroll at CIIT, a school of arts and technology in the Philippines, which offers web design. To get more details, visit its web site, www.ciit-ph.com.

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