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Ten Creative Part-Time Jobs You Can Try While in College

Self-supporting students may find it hard to sustain their studies in a multimedia arts school. If you want to have a part-time job and earn while in college, you can try any of these job posts.

1. Events Photo or Videographer

Capture videos and still photos in various events such as weddings, birthdays, and company parties. You need to be great at taking pictures and videos, as well as in handling high-end cameras. This job does not have a fixed working schedule so you can still attend your classes when you do not have any booked events. 

2. Garments Designer

Create, layout, and print various designs on garments such as t-shirts and jackets. You can either work as a part-timer in a clothing firm or work from home. As a freelancer, you can offer your graphic design services or accept made-to-order graphic shirts where you’ll design and print them yourself. 

3. Logo Designer

Apart from creating custom shirts, you may also design distinct branding or logos for various products, services, and firms. You may create designs that businesses can use in their reports, marketing materials, websites, and/or product packaging. You can work part-time for a design firm/ad agency, or work as a freelancer.

4. Ads Designer

You can try your luck in an agency, group, or firm and produce effective campaigns for ads. By simply blending various font types, photos, and colors, you can help your clients produce eye-catching ads or striking themes that could boost their image to their target clients. 

5. Stock Photo Seller

Do you own a number of high-quality photos, video clips, illustrations, and vectors? Make money by putting them on the market! Sell them to various microstock websites and earn from royalties for each download. These websites include Alamy, Shutterstock, iStock Photo, and PhotoShelter to name a few. 

6. Scriptwriters

Since writing scripts for dramas, movies, and films takes a lot of time and dedication, you can only work part-time for ads and short stories. Creating characters, dialogues, and engaging plots are all part of your job. You can work either on a contract or as a freelancer selling custom scripts for various clients. 

7. Video Editor

Turn raw audio samples, video footages, and computer graphics into a finished product. You’ll need keen attention to details and expertise in various editing software to perform these tasks. You can go to TV studios, news networks, or movie studios to apply as a part-timer or freelancer. 

8. Layout Artist

Collect and assemble type styles and images to create a visual design on a computer or paper. However, you may need to master various design and layout principles including color, shape, and balance to get this job. Ad agencies and design studios usually accept part-timers and freelancers for this post. 

9. Typographer

Create fonts, typefaces, and decorative letterings that graphically reflect a brand’s story. You’ll handle the layout of the text, size, color, and fonts to set the visual mood of the item. You can either use traditional or advanced tools and software to carry out the job. 

10. Tattoo Artist

You may likewise use your artistic skills in applying markings and images on your client’s bodies. Exercise your steady hand and eye for design to draw words, symbols, and images on their skin using ink and needles. You might need a license to get a job in tattoo shops, but you may also accept walk-in clients if you have the tools at home. 

Try to apply for the part-time jobs listed above and you might just come away with a better-looking bank account for your studies and resume for your future career.

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